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Winter Paradise

TheLandscapePainter 03 Aug 2019

My first oval, and it was very challenging!


dracula Power Painter

The oval looks perfect! The soft light in the water is really lovely. Also the breakout elements flow very nicely and actually enhance the composition. Good stuff!

This really caught my eye, beautiful! Any tips on creating the oval? I haven’t attempted one.

Dracula, thank you very much, that means a lot coming from you.

ForestVueGallery, ovals are something we are all struggling with. This was an absolute nightmare. It was only the fact that I'd bought something to cut around, and the contact paper that I persevered with it. Nothing I tried made it stick. I just ended up wasting yards of material. The only tip I can give you (assuming you have managed to get some kind of adhesion going on), this was mentioned by someone else here, is to paint from the outside inward so that you are not brushing the paint under the edge.

I’ve used contact paper to create the Moon on black canvases to this point and had to touch up the edges with more gesso before I could paint. I really like gesso bordered paintings but have stuck to square edges using ScotchBlue painters tape as it works wonderfully if you avoid the edge of the tape with liquid clear as it will seep under. I have no problem with the paint getting under the edge when avoiding as much as possible painting towards the edge.
Your painting turned out nice in spite of the nightmare 😉

ForestVueGallery. Thank you, much appreciated. Now I've done my first oval I'm sat looking at it wondering how long that white background is going to stay clean. I wonder if gesso is wipeable if it pick up the odd mark or two, or if you are supposed to protect it in some way?

I accidentally got a few drops of water on a black gesso border and it left a mark so I had to paint over with more gesso.
I thought I might try this Grumbacher varnish. It says not to apply to oil paint for 6 to 12 months so I haven’t tried it yet as none of my paintings are that old.

Holy crow. This is great. I want to walk down that path it's so gorgeous.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Stunning colouring without flashy outbursts, sheer serenity in a beautiful environment. An A++ artistic work!

Thank you beethzart and voy. This coming up just now as painting of the day has made me take a look at it and I'd really like to do it again sometime. My clouds have improved a bit since this one and the sky is bugging me now, the clouds remind me of eyebrows so everytime I look at this painting I can't help thinking "humpty-dumpty".

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