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Western Expanse

Ninoum 29 Jun 2023

I actually did this one May 11th. But my sky was horrific. So I scraped it off let the whole thing dry and gessoed the sky with white. I’ve had some time yesterday to tackle it and finish it.

I didn’t want to do this one. Just not an appealing painting to me. But because 99% it was done with the knife, I pushed myself to do it as a learning experience.

Do I like my version? Not really but I do feel I got more knife control.



The sky was the most difficult for me also. I like this and think you did a great job.

I appreciate that Tomi! This painting is called “getting out of your comfort zone” for sure. Bob has another knife painting, I will def give that one a try too. I want to be the best I can with it!

The other knife painting seems much harder, more elements, than this one. You will do a great job with it.

I just went to look at it... It called "Mountain Challenge" for S4E13. It looks packed of knife challenges indeed!!!

Honestly I think you where very brave. I have to say that knife only paintings are very tough in my opinion. Never tried yet one. But they do not really hit my taste of art. Maybe cityscapes with the knife are my favorite ones.

I couldn’t agree more Tom! For cityscapes, I can see how this would apply nicely. But for landscape… not so much. I was cringing the whole time I went thru this one! 😖 Lol!

Great job making friends with the knife! Looks really good!

Great job

personally, I love the texture. I can see how, to one person, this might rub the wrong way, but to another it could be a real gem. That's one thing about art that I am still struggling with: how vastly different people can see the same thing, and how to know when something is 'good'. Does the piece make you feel an emotion, inspire curiosity, or hold your attention? These are some aspects I feel are important for me, but I'm curious to hear others' thoughts!

Great job on this one N!

It was certainly a good experience to work only with the knife and gave you security , Good Job, Nancy 👍🏼🇩🇪

Thank you Sandy! I can def say I am getting better at the knife. These type of paintings are great for that.

Thank you Cold! ☀️

Jeffth, thank you very much for sharing that! 😀 For me, any composition can take my breath away. It can be abstract to realism, texture to no texture, colorful to monochrome. I can't pin point what makes a composition so special to me. I guess everything just belongs perfectly together. I get all giddy. Lol!

I appreciate B! 😊

It sure did my friend! 🇩🇪 It's essential, like I always say, to get out of our comfort zone in order to expand our skills and get to that next level. That knife painting got me to be better with it even tho, I am not a fan of it. Bob has another one that I will do for the same reasons!

a picture says 1000 words, so explaining what makes it beautiful probably takes 100,000 or more lol. It really is indescribable in a lot of ways.
My favorite thing about knife painting is the clean up, no brushes to wash or solvent to deal with ^_^

You totally nailed it Jeffth!!! Love the way you think my friend! 🙌🏼

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