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Twin Falls

dracula 17 Aug 2019

So, I did something a little different here. Instead of preparing the canvas totally in a thin, even coating of liquid white, I only did the top half in liquid white and the bottom half in liquid clear. I was hoping to be able to keep the foreground nice and dark. The one thing I had to remember is that liquid clear is VERY sensitive to paint thinner, so instead I used linseed oil to change the consistency. Thin pain over thick paint is the same as fat over lean, right?


Your clouds are on point <3

Felix Creator of

Great sky and fantastic details!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you! I chose this one because of the interesting sky. It was a lot of fun for sure!

Beautiful sky!

Dracula, wonderful painting, thanks for sharing details how you did it. Sky is amazing, but somehow I see flowers in those skies! Water is amazing you can feel it is flowing. What brushes do you use?

dracula Power Painter

Thank you kindly, I appreciate the kind words!

Sunnylady, in the sky I used the 1-inch & 2-inch brushes for the bulk and then used the filbert brush in tandem with a super-soft mop brush for creating and blending back some highlights.

For the trees and grass I used the 1-inch brush, as well as the filbert brush, and an angled bristle brush (maybe it's called a dagger brush) for texture and smaller details.

The water was done with the fan brush and filbert brush. The filbert was used mostly for the water surface and where it runs into the land.

Finally, in addition to scratching in some sticks and twigs, I painting in a few foreground sticks and blades of grass with the liner brush.

Overall, I would say I'm using 80% Bob Ross brushes with a few others here and there. Honestly, I find myself using the filbert brush more and more. I like the control and versatility it brings, though I'm concerned its small size is making everything too precious and I need to loosen up a bit.

the sky is beautiful

Hey Mr. Dracula.
I really liked your painting and I used it on SoundCloud for one of my beats.
I do not make money with my music so I hope you are fine with me using it. :)
You can hit me up if you are not and I will instantly take it down.
Keep it up! - Gamkey

dracula Power Painter

@Gamkey - Thank you very much. Yes, I am fine with you using my work.
Your beats sound great!

This sky is just perfect! Great job Dracula! How long had you been painting when you did this one if I can ask?

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