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Mountain Cabin

Ninoum 15 Jan 2024

I went from the book picture. I love the rocks forming a bridge between the cabin peninsula and the main land. There are also 3 rocks behind the cabin also allowing to travel in a different direction. Always better having more options than not enough!

⚠️Did you know?⚠️

The best Bob Ross paint brushes are the vintage ones. There are still some brand new out there. They behave quite differently than the newer ones. I was able to put my hand on a brand new “vintage” 2” brush. It does exactly the effects that Bob is getting with his 2” in every tutorial… and it’s effortless!! To know if you found a little treasure, you’ll know by looking at the old logo and nails instead of staples are on the ferrule (for 2” & 1” brushes).

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Hi Nancy, super painted. High level as always. The one with the brushes is very interesting, although I almost always try to work with alternatives. Which, however, is not always easy 👍🏼🇩🇪

Great painting, Nancy.
I like how the blue of the mountain also appears in the far away woods and the water. And if I'm not mistaken, there's also a hint of blue on the roof of the cabin?
Having colours appear in different parts of a painting brings it all together. (if that makes sense... hard for me to explain in words, in English)

As for the brushes, I went upstairs to check mine, because I also bought a couple second-hand brushes. And guess what?! Two 1" brushes and one 2" brush have the nails and are made in the USA.
All the others are made in Germany and have the staples.
I'm going to treasure the vintage ones now. <3

Fabulous Nancy! I like to think that this is the painting Bob was working from.

Such a wonderful painting! You do super work!

Very beautiful painting!!!

very nice. I love compositions like this where the midground connects to the foreground in a novel way. That observation about the brushes is so true, and has troubled me for some time. I realized when I was starting my painting journey, that buying BRI brushes from amazon is a lottery! 1/million chance of getting a made in usa original, I wish it were not so rare, especially when there's a huge difference in the quality. I wonder if Kevin Hill's 2" & 1" brushes are a better alternative than the BRI lottery?

This is absolutely beautiful just everything about it.I wish I could get my Hands on those brushes.

Gorgeous, as usual.

Top level N! It’s funny that you posted about original BR brushes, because I have been trying to find an original BA 2.5” brush since I noticed how his brush reacts to movement on the canvas. The search continues …

Simply spectacular. Amazing depth throughout, and great work on the rocks!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

I always did like this compo and your version is superb! Makes me want to see what is around the corner up the creek.

This looks absolutely incredible! I too have noticed the difference in the brushes, however, I have not been lucky enough to secure one of the vintage ones. I’m 100% that this is why my paintings lack the look of something as beautiful as this. Yep. Totally the brushes fault, and not at all a huge discrepancy in talent. But I digress… Anyway I DO truly admire your talent and this painting is excellent.

Thank you much my friend! 🇩🇪☀️ I do have alternative brushes. But I always knew, looking at Bob's and Nic's brushes, that they must have been different than the current ones. By chatting on one of the FB groups I am part of, the topic came up. And to confirm my suspicions, I was told about the original brushes. I like to use Bob's brushes for Bob's paintings. Love to get the same effect that I love so much.

Thank you very much Titia. You said it in a perfect way! 😊

Oh yeah... cherish those brushes like they are little diamonds! Lol! They really are rare and wonderful.

Beautiful, as always!

Thank you Tomi! 😊 I know he had 3 paintings of the same scene at the end... 1) reference painting (the one he was painting from), the TV one and the book painting. The Book one was always the best of the 3. I saw the Bob Ross story on the BR channel many times. They do show this painting as the reference one. So, maybe it ended up being the best looking one of the 3, and they chose it for the book. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you very much Sandy! 😃

Thank you Bob! ☀️

Many Thanks Jeff! Indeed, Amazon is a lottery! I got mine on EBAY. Sometimes you can buy without the bidding process, and others, it's a bidding war! Lol. I was able to get 22 original BR brushes that way (2", 1", fans, Filberts, 1" & half rounds, script liners). I will baby them crazy! Lol!

Thank you much Elsie! 😃 You can on ebay, marketplace, etc. You just have to look for them. Make sure to add in your search bar "Martin/F Webber. It was the company that was making Bob's brushes in the USA before they switch manufacturer in Germany. 😉

Much appreciated Cold! 😀

Thank you bunches B! The 2.5" brush that Bob was using was a Bill Alexander Brush. I can't find it anywhere. They don't have it on the BA's website either.

Thank you very much Jon! 😀

Thank you super much Pam! I bet the view of the mountain is even more spectacular around the creek!

Thank you much Vietti! Love your humor! 😆 I have been trying to get Bob's different paint 2" brush effect since I started painting. My brushes are very unpredictable and never give me the same results. Now I understand why. But as you said, skills put a lot of weight in the scale! 😉

Thank you Jos! 😊

Beautiful painting. Amazing colors.

Great job!

Thank you much Yucel! 😊

Many thanks Tom! ☀️

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