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Golden Sunset

joha59 10 May 2024

Wishing to get this beautiful scene as bright as Bob I experimented with some things (I always struggle with the colors i.yellow and a.crimson on black canvas. the black always comes through) and this time I used black gesso of the Bob Ross brand (expensive 27 EUR for 473 ml (it was 500 ml but they changed the size of the bottle but not the price!), it's better but no extreme differences with the cheaper one I used) I also used crimson from W&N the artist version (also expensive and also no extreme differences) and this time no medium like liquid clear and I left the foreground trees out to save my background trees, on wallpaper 30 x 40 cm.,



Great painting Jos, well done, cheers


This is lovely. I particularly like your background trees and the yellow reflection in the midground. I had a similar yellow over black issue on my Sunny Morning painting. Alizarin and some of the yellows are transparent so there's always going to be a an issue over black. I've realised since then it might help to plan ahead a little bit and leave a white area on your black canvas where you think your yellow is likely to go. I will be trying that next time. I think I got away with mine eventually, I had to go back and touch it up a few times. You did a great job. I enjoy moody paintings.

So gorgeous! Love all your details!

The same Old Problem with yellow an A. Crimson . Ich denke das hatte fast jeder schonmal . Unabhängig davon sieht deine Arbeit top aus 👍🏼🇩🇪🇳🇱

Thank you all so much Dave, Elsie, Helen (2/3 was covered with iy/ac then there was not much black canvas anymore, but thanks for the tip), Sandy and Dirk (I hoped it was solved with the other gesso)!

First let me say, that I absolutely love this one. I like all the cloud textures and the way your foliage looks.

I had a theory about the issue of black canvas showing through. I have not tested this extensively, so take with a grain of salt. It involves not using medium like liquid clear (same as you), getting more under-color on the black, but then the main part of the theory: more white. I think the amount of white Bob uses is so much that, when it mixes with the under-color, it becomes opaque.

Hi Jeff, thanks for the compliments and I also thought about that: using more white, it makes the yellow and crimson less transparent, as you already said. I tried almost everything, so I will try that too next time, thanks for thinking with me/us. I have also wondered why Bob sometimes does not use liquid clear, there must be a reason for that. Maybe it has something to do with the yellow and crimson combination.

Nice one. Love the colors.

Thank you very much Yucel!

if you ask me, his choice of using liquid clear could be motivated by trying to sell the product itself! But I may be a bit cynical lol, I'm sure there are some times when it is truly needed.

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