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Change of Seasons

Sunnylady 19 Oct 2019

This one is 16x20. More details possible with bigger canvas. I don’t know how to achieve depth in the bushes growing on the right. I moved almighty mountain to keep it a focus point. I was trying to solve how to make shore line, decided to make it rocky. Could probably done it better if added a bit blueish shadows. Overall it was still a challenge, but I quite like it.


lightsnow Community Helper

This came out nicely overall. To address your question concerning depth, this is also something I've been trying to work on with my own paintings (take a look at my painting progression on my profile if you'd like). One thing I noticed is that leaving dark spots like you did under your right tree will increase the illusion of depth. Another way to increase it would potentially may have been to add a large tree right in the foreground or another layer of bushes. Maybe have the trees in front of your foothills get smaller and smaller as they go to the left, making it seem like those are going off in the distance. Overall, I think you did a fantastic job. Bob would be proud!

dracula Power Painter

This is wonderful. The mountain texture is very dry, rocky, and realistic. I also think your foothill turned out great; I find that to be one of the most difficult parts to achieve. Plus, the color choice and variation in the foreground helps tie things together. Nice job!

Lightsnow, Dracula thanks for your comments! Really appreciate support and feedback of my fellow artists!

@Lightsnow, I took a look at your progression and it is quite seen from painting number 1 to where you now. I really like your progress on the water reflections and that water got darker than the sky. I am happy for you, you are doing great progress, I hope I'll get to breakthrough too. I think you are right and I had to change the left side probably avoiding those bigger trees as I have changed the angle of the stream, that also made that corner very busy not letting evergreens in front to stand out. Thanks a lot for your feedback!
@Dracula: I wish to get where you are. I think you have many years of experience in painting overall! I really love how you understand light and how you make your colors calmer and quieter.
The best out of Bob Ross technique, I enjoy the process, even sometimes the paintings look lower than my own standards. I am still learning...
I think it worth trying the book rather than just videos, book should give a burst of creativity!

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady - Indeed, you're correct, I do have a good deal of painting experience outside of my Bob Ross endeavors. That said, I've had very limited experience painting landscapes before this. I think Bob gives us all the tools we need to eventually go as far as we want with landscape painting. I had always wanted to paint along with the Joy of Painting, but didn't get around to it until this year and I think it is really helping me improve in so many ways.

Great colors on the mountain. Overall your foliage and trees look great.

@centurion83- thanks!

@centurion83- thanks!

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