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Majestic Peaks

dracula 20 Oct 2019

It's been a few weeks since I painted a mountain, so this one seemed just the right thing to get back into it. It felt weird not making any clouds, but a clear blue sky is just as pleasant and natural as a thick cloud layer.

As with the past few I've painted, this was done from a book rather than the show, which has been working nicely for me, so far.

This is technically my 25th Bob Ross painting (24th on this site -- my first was one of the hour-long specials). What do y'all do with the paintings you accumulate? I've got them filling up my whole studio and there no end in sight! :)


Your reflection is so impressive! I enjoy the clear sky too.
I have started building frames so most of my paintings are on my walls. I have given away three quarters of my paintings so far.

Very nice!

25th! Congrats! Wish you more and more to go! I love your reflections in the water. Mountains look like granite and you are always amazing with colors! About paintings: I plan to donate some to the United way, I give them to the friends especially those who are renting as painting do the homes nicer and warmer. I also have a big stairs wall between the floors and I use it as exhibit of my works for myself to feel proud of what I am doing. If somebody tried garage sale of their masterpieces, please let me know, that is one of my thoughts too.

lightsnow Community Helper

This is fantastic work! Also, big congrats on your 25th painting. I'm closing in on that 25 mark - just completed my 22nd 2 weeks ago. I've said this about your paintings before, but you have a really pleasant, unique style. If I stand far enough away, your paintings look like pictures. They have this very realistic quality to them. Are you using Ross brand paints and brushes? Do you have any advice for making mountain reflections such as this? That has been on my list for a while - to try making a full on reflection of a big mountain. I had the idea to start a video game inspired landscape series, and I wanted to do the first level of Donkey Kong Country 3, Lakeside Limbo. This painting really reminds me of that, what with the northern landscape. To answer your question concerning my own painting storage, I've given a few as gifts but they're mostly piled up in my painting room or on my walls.

dracula Power Painter

That you everyone for your encouraging words; I really appreciate it! Also thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences about what to do with so many paintings!

@lightsnow I use a lot of Bob Ross products. The 2-inch, 1-inch, and script liner brush are pretty essential for me to do these landscapes. I use a number of other brands for small brushes, especially filbert brushes in different sizes and a soft mop brush for blending clouds and mist. In terms of paint, I've pretty much gone through all of my Bob Ross paints and have been replacing them with various paints from my local art store. That said, I keeps buying the Bob Ross titanium white because it really is drier and easier to make the paint break on mountains.

Speaking of mountains, on this painting, rather than just scrape and blend out the dark mountain color, I literally wiped it off with a paper towel before applying the snow. This gabe the paint a little something more to stick to which allowed for a better texture. Another thing I've learned as I've been practicing it to try to drag the little roll of paint itself along the canvas, minimizing how much contact the knife makes. That basically the same advice Bob gives ("imagine you're a whisper on the wind" or whatever), just a slightly different way of thinking about having a light touch. Finally, I usually try to apply a little extra bright warm white to the area where the sun would strike the peaks most intensely. I think this accounting for light helps add drama. Hope that helps. I am excited to hear more about your video game-inspired landscapes. I wonder if Felix might ever set up a place for us to share Bob-adjacent painting with each other?

dracula Power Painter

@lightsnow...After re-reading your question, I see that you were asking about the reflection specifically. This was my first time trying to bring all the "reflectable" elements into the water, rather than just pulling down the nearest elements to the water. Basically, all I did was roughly paint in the basic colors and shapes of the top half of the painting (except upside down) using a filbert brush and then with a clean, dry 2-inch brush, I pulled it down and blended across. I wish I had put in more of the white snow in the reflection, nearer the water line. I think it would read better. Next time, I'll do better!

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