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That Time of Year

dracula 23 Nov 2019

I wanted to work with layers of atmosphere in the distant hills and this one seemed a good candidate. Also, I believe this is my first Steve Ross painting, so that's obviously cool! I worked from the book and it appears the step-by-step photos were done by Bob, but the color plate of the final painting looks like it's all Steve, if you ask me.


Love the primary color effect in the sky!

Dracula the layers between the hills are outstanding, the sky is very nice so are the bushes and trees to, another perfect painting you have created. 👍

This painting has brilliant layers. It looks great.

lightsnow Community Helper

I think this is one of my favorites of yours. It's extremely soothing, gentle, and peaceful. Fantastic sense of distance as well. What kind of equipment and paint brands/colors were you using for this one? Was this 18x24? When life gets tough, I'd like to enter this painting and just sit back by the river's edge and stare at that sunset, or was it sunrise? Either way!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you everyone, I appreciate your encouraging words!

@lightsnow: Yes, this one is also 18x24. I'm using the premium grade store brand canvas from Hobby Lobby (it's near where I live). For paints I used the Bob Ross titanium white & midnight black and for the remainder of colors the brands are mixed between Bob Ross, Winsor Newton, and Lukas (studio & 1862). I used the 2-inch brush for the sky colors and reflections, the 1-inch brush to bulk in the bushes, the liner brush for some of the details, and the filbert brush for pretty much everything in some way or another.

I guess I imagined this as late afternoon, but you're right, it could just as easily be early morning!

dracula Power Painter

@ lightnow: Oh, I also used a small, soft mop brush for blending clouds and distant hills. Almost forgot!

Good Work,like all the other paintings.

This is so incredible, I LOVE all of your paintings and would love to learn how you are able to make things look so much more detailed than anything I have seen on the Joy of Painting. Do you ever video yourself painting? I'd love to learn!

dracula Power Painter

@sojourninghome - Thank you for your encouraging words; I really appreciate it! I haven't made any videos of me painting, but others on the site here have suggested the same sort of thing. I am looking into what it would take to make something useful. What kind of videos would you find most beneficial?

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