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Mountain Summit

dracula 22 Dec 2019

...Well, it looks like perhaps I already did this painting, though I think when I attempted it before it was from the DVD that came with the master kit. Unlike the past several paintings I've done, this one was from the television program (rater than the book). I followed along with my mom who is visiting from out of town and introduced her to the joy of painting along with Bob. There are certainly things I would have done differently if I had more time, but that's okay, it was a good time all around!


Dracula, that is wonderful idea to paint together with a parent!
Painting looks great! certainly time you have enjoyed painting with your Mom is most valuable in this painting!
I think landscape looks wonderful. Mountain shape and evergreens, everything is really nice!

Dracula, Really fantastic this painting, the details are so perfect,very very nice, Great work.

I went back to compare this to your original Mountain Summit, it's pretty cool to see the difference in your work. The original looked good but this is just beautiful.

Your mountain looks much better. It looks like you paint mountains like a righty (I do too). Supposedly for lefties it's easier to light from the other side as though you watch Bob in a mirror.

Your trees look better too, the shading of some light through them adds much depth and a lot of realism for lack of a better word.

MHK Helpful Friendly User

Very polished with really niece tree work. Well done!!

This painting is fantastic. Your mountains and pines inspire me to paint in greater detail. Would you mind sharing what brush you use for the pine detail?
As noted above your quick progress is amazing!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement!.

@ForestVueGallery - For the pine details, I have been using a long-hair hog bristle brush that I cut to a point on a diagonal. I think technically this would be considered a kind of dagger brush. Once I put in the whole tree, including trunks and highlights, I go back, trying to imagine how each major branch would terminate, and use the dagger brush in an attempt to lightly coax out that shape along with a little bit of pine-needle texture. This is all done fairly gently, but I try to not get too fussy about it.

This is fantastic. The detail level is amazing. But, your detail is usually top notch.
The colors chosen are realistic, and well used. very nice.

Excellent! Your mountain is really great ,I think that most people can't
paint like you. your clouds,pinetrees and bushes are so natural .
But I like brighter color. This is only my opinión,every body has different eyes.

It's stunning, even more realistic than Bob's !

Hi Dracula! This is stunning, looks so good. I tried mine today and the tress didn't come out good at all, plus I had problem with making bushes and clouds as the background color would keep mixing, what am I missing? Any tip will be super helpful. Thanks.

This is absolutely stunning, congratulations! Everything as good as it gets in my opinion..

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