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Winter Night

Sunnylady 30 Dec 2019

Hut in winter forest by
Alexey Kondratyevich Savrasov,
Painting, 1888, 98×71 cm.

I was surfing the internet and found this painting of remarkable Russian artist. I would like to repeat his light and shadows. There is so much light in the painting but it is night/evening time.

But what is most amazing thing I find how both Bob and Alexey both loved the nature and admired its beauty. There are some things in common between the artists. Savrasov also did not like to put people in his landscapes. He died in poverty as his works and investment in Russian art was underestimated while he was alive, but there is so much love in every landscape he did. Same as with Bob Ross paintings which are also so full of love to nature!



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

It is indeed a fairytale painting. Quite a challenge!

lightsnow Community Helper

I thought you painted this and was immediately impressed. This is a wonderful painting. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for taking time to look at it!

Very good Work. Especially the Hut.

@Klaus M: Indeed! I am guessing if i want to copy it where I shall start....

Lovely cabin.

I absolutely love this painting. You are very talented

Rylarryb. It is not me. This will be my project. I would love to copy it to learn how to do this light at night. I also would really love to see it in museum. I hope I shall have a chance. I posted it here because I was really shocked how close they look in terms of composition. I copied another painting recently with winter of this painter and was absolutely amazed by the artist.

dracula Power Painter

@sunnyLady, I hope you will try to do your version of this painting. I look forward to seeing it. I am currently doing a study after Alexey Savrasov of a different painting. I think there is much to learn in his style. Thanks for sharing this.

@dracula, I 'd love to hear more about your study and if you do painting based on his work please do share, I'll be looking forward to it. I did "Thaw" from 1890 with magnificent sky and beautiful snow colors and village. It was a challenge but I love it. I also read about Barbizone and Hudson school. That was very interesting and i know those works would certainly caught my attention in the museums.

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady, The painting I'm working on is called "Winter", I believe from 1870s-1880s, and quite similar compositionally to "Thaw." The main difference I'd say is "Winter" has a kind of thick blue cloud cover in the sky.

Yes, my interests are also somewhere in the range of the Barbizon school and the Hudson River school. I have done a couple of recent studies in those styles as well and can recommend them; true masters of landscape painting, in my opinion. You may also enjoy Tonalism if you haven't seen it, which I think was the American response to the Barbizon painters.

Very nice interpretation of the original.

@Cheryl : this is original, I think I am getting ready to copy it.

@Cheryl: I was surfing web and found this painting from 19th century that looked very close to Bobs but way more challenging. So one day I will copy it.

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