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The Old Weathered Barn

Voy Kay 10 Jan 2020

Why do I keep looking for trouble when I don't need to? I used a white canvasboard (10"x14"), prepared with copper acrylic and black gesso shapes of trees and bushes. So far so good yet when I start painting, after the liquid clear was applied, I realize that a board is NOT my thing. Hard to fix, hard to handle and specially harder to paint edges and corners. Raaah!!!!
Okay, so I lost quite some inspiration, determination, motivation, whatever other -ation ... and started making a bit of a mess with bushes and grasses. What saved this painting was the barn (I hope!) and the big trees. Oh, by the way, the phtalo blue mentioned was never to be used .... or did I miss something? Lets paint another and better one very soon, right?!


dracula Power Painter

I think your foreground elements turned out great! I haven't seen this episode yet, but from the look of it, I suspect the phthalo blue is part of the mix that highlights the path. It also wouldn't surprise me if it could be used in the dark lowlight on the left of the foreground tree trunk. Nice work!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Dracula, thank you for your encouragement my friend, in times where I do need it. I seemed to have lost some edge here, specially with bushes and leaves. Cabins and trees (except evergreens) on the other hand are becoming slightly better. I think I need to paint on bigger canvasses cause that suits me better. Also I guess I need to invest in some descent 1" and 2" brushes, since what I use is way too amateur. Maybe I should follow some lessons, although in Belgium that is not easy and specially NOT cheap! Till next one my friend, hope you like the new one (a warm winter) that I posted minutes ago!

MHK Helpful Friendly User

First of all, you killed the Cabin- awesome job. You also created great depth and draw the viewer right into the cabin and you layered the foreground really nice. Lastly the daed trees are also done very well. So I'm not sure why you are losing any "ations". You are way ahead of schedule progress wise so don't be too hard on yourself and remember it is the "Joy" of making the painting so enjoy a glass of wine, look at the positives and learn from the mistakes. I know I try to learn from every painting I do so keep up the good work and have fun.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Mhk, you are right my friend, reread your comment several times and it is heartwarming that several wonderful persons here on this site take time and effort to cheer, motivate and assist people. My cabin was indeed amongst the best I painted, even with a too small canvas and the trees go better and better. I was thinking more quantity then quality and that did not work. It's so true, having fun and joy while painting means the world!! I invite you to view AND read my next painting (tranquil seas) and hope to hear from you then. Till next one!!

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