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Winter Evergreens

Voy Kay 27 Jan 2020

Canvas used was a cheap 12"x16" and that showed again since the paint in the sky had troubles again. I really should quit buying that cheap stuff or else give it two good layers of primer myself!
There wasn't anything difficult with this painting, all came into place although those boulders seemed useless and I don't like them at all. Maybe I should have put a little bush or some grass there.

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Voy what exactly happened? I cannot see anything bad with your paint. Do you mean that oil sinks into the canvas and leaves dull spots? Oil seeps to the other side? If so, nothing will help to that canvas. Only search for another brand and bad review on this one.

I had the case where my primer coat was melting from paint thinner I was using however canvas was marked for oil painting.

I think I see something. It kind of dries immediately and you cannot blend. This is very bad primer and probably glue, so both. If you cannot return them and have few more left. You can try to oil it first and let it sit so it is saturated with oil. Then wipe it very well before applying magic white. Do not use them for something fine. I ended using both I bought for very simple flowers in a vase in two copies. They will die probably in couple of years as the canvas backside has oil that seeped through. Sorry to hear you go through the same struggle I experienced some time ago.

But I think extra layer of primer will be way better than just oiling it. I did not have primer at that time and had to do a lot of internet research.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunnylady, yo are very right about all your conclusions and befindings. It is indeed an unworthy coating, or even none at all, used by the fabricant of these cheap canvasses (just under 2 USD for a 12"16"). I like using these though since they are cheap and in fact, I'm just practising still, not doing this for a living. I have better ones that I order from Holland (just under 7 USD for a 12"x16") and these are primed twice, that is even very clearly noticeable. With those, I have zero trouble at all and the frame is much stronger.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

A good trick might be to prime them with white gesso, preferably in two layers. I did this for my giant canvas and that worked for 100%! Strangely enough, I used the same bad quality of canvas for my today's painting (SNowfall magic) and had no trouble at all this time. Weird!

Well, who knows what is going on at the factory. Do they do the same every time?

Anyway I hear you pain. Gesso it out! :) and continue practice.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

That's just the weird thing of it, I can buy five of those cheaper ones and have troubles with only 2 or 3 of them. It can't be the liquid white since I am realy careful with that, not only in amount but to cover the canvas 100% and equally spread. I spend really some time in that preparation process. My only option to counter this is the gesso trick if I want to continue using thos cheap ones. I'm a bit forced too since I painted almost 50 paintings in about 7 weeks and that has a price tag on it!

this is awesome.

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