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Mountain Summit

lightsnow 09 Feb 2020

This is my 32nd painting and a special one, as this weekend is my 1 year painting anniversary. I decided to re-paint my very first painting that I ever tried, 1 year ago - Mountain Summit. The episode was included on DVD in the Ross master kit I had purchased last year. I thought this would be a good idea so I can get a comparison of the progress achieved over the past year. I can definitely see the progress and the areas that need continued improvement. This time, I tried spreading my titanium white on a piece of cardboard in order for the oil to soak up a bit. I also tried a slightly different method of getting the paint to break on the mountain and it worked a bit better. I'll continue working on that. Overall, I tried to achieve more 'natural' colors than what was shown in this episode of The Joy of Painting. Eventually, I decided to shut off the episode and just finish it without guidance. I recently purchased 2 new liner brushes and was excited to use the liquid black to make lots of small, delicate limbs. I am looking forward to another year of painting!


Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Congratulations on your 1 st year!! Many to follow we hope! Well, you have indeed improved a lot but what stroke me the most in this painting is the so delicate detailed branches! Those new liner brushes were really well spent money!! GREAT!!

I'll join with congratulations of your painting anniversary! And also I agree that trees look nice and gentle, great evergreens, nice details! Well done! Wish you more happy painting years to come!

lightsnow Community Helper

One thing I did notice was that the canvas I prepped for this painting was probably way too slick. I buy value canvases that are supposedly primed to a certain weight with gesso, so I prime them twice myself just in case. I don't like a really toothy surface as it drinks up the liquid white. Also, this time around, I used some new gesso I got. It was a bit higher quality than the gesso I had been using beforehand. Further, I applied a generous amount of liquid white but made sure to spread it thinly and evenly. I think the combination resulted in canvas that was perhaps too slick where things blend too vigorously. I had some trouble getting the sky dark enough as the blue was mixing so readily with the liquid white. Same thing with the mountain. The base color I blended on my palette was dark and rich but when I added it to the canvas, it turned quite grey due to all that liquid white. So, for next time, I'll try applying only one coat of gesso to these canvases. Overall, I'm not displeased with how this came out. The sky is lighter than my other paintings but I find it softens this up a great deal. Thank you for the nice comments! I am really looking forward to this next year of painting - and many more to come!

Everything looks so 'fresh' in this painting, the natural look really works! Great job :)

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