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Winter Frost

lightsnow 14 Mar 2020

This is painting # 37. My brother in law asked if I could make him a painting that looked similar to one I had recently done (winter frost). He asked if I could throw in a cabin. I was able to complete this one start to finish with no reference in 2 hours. It did come out really similar to my previous attempt at winter frost since I had that in mind, but I tried to make the sky a bit more cloudy and interesting. I also broke my Ross brand knife right in half. I blame it on my titanium white being so firm!. 18x24


I like how the trees on the right follow perspective and become smaller in size as well as they become lighter in the tone with the distance!

lightsnow Community Helper

Perspective and distance are things I'm trying to be more mindful of, particularly in my more recent paintings. The difficult part is getting on canvas what I'm envisioning in my mind.

Dear lightsnow How did you break the knife?
I presume you push the knife too hard.
When you highlight the mountain you have to use the knife with very Little pressure.
Using the knife's weight and your hand only guides the direction.
Bob's titanium white is very firm for this technique. If not you cannot highlight well

What a beautiful painting- I love the colors and composition. The sky looks great, the mountains look realistic, and the birch trees perfect!

lightsnow Community Helper

@Jin7 - I was flattening out the paint on my palette. I usually work it really hard and this time it just snapped!

Dear lightsnow I am sorry but
I think you have another knife because you did two more wonderful Works.

lightsnow Community Helper

The funny thing is I then broke my second knife cleaning it off during one of my following paintings! So now I have no knives. I have to admit, I do wipe the knife off on a paper towel pretty firmly. I guess I don't know my own strength? I'm going to buy some more knives at the art store and give the non-Ross brand ones a spin! But yes, broke both knives in 2 days!

I broke a brush in halves yesterday :) I did not expect that would happen. I was rubbing in the color with it for underpainting.

I will be more gentle with my knives from now, thanks for sharing lightsnow!

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