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Rippling Waters

dracula 29 Mar 2020

I really enjoy the hazy quality of the original and hoped to achieve that humid look in my version. I thought this one would take less time to paint than usual...but it took even longer!


The expression of the sun is wonderful.
Well done!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

You succeeded, that hazy atmosphere is the first that cought me viewing this. The way you play with light and shadow is about inimitable and the details so delicately finetuned. A+++ painting again!

Great work dracula,i love it!

lightsnow Community Helper

The first thing that popped in my mind was memories of our super hot and humid summer in Quebec, 40C some days - 100% humidity. I think you nailed it! Time to turn the A/C on.

Wonderful atmosphere in here! Sky is great as well as nice and subtle purplish trees far away that become more defined and warm as they come closer to the viewer! This looks like something new but not different from your style.

This is very nice. I love the colouring and the hazy atmosphere.

This painting has a sort of nostalgic quality, it's like a beautiful fond memory. I want to live in this painting, I like it that much.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you everyone for all the nice comments; I'm glad you enjoy the painting.!

Does anyone have and advice for effectively putting the foliage of one tree in front of another tree's leaves? I find they tend to blend together visually. I notice this happens a bit in real life as well, but for some reason my brain can process the distinction, whereas in a painting it looks a little confused.

I really enjoy your work. Your paintings always catch my eye as I scroll through. I'm currently recovering from back surgery and I can't wait to get back to painting again. It's been months since I could paint without ending up in traction for 3 days after. Keep sharing please.

Dracula, this is advice from me still learning how to split objects in space: " value chart need to be there. I guess you are talking about struggle with trees on the left. They look very good and in my opinion they are perfect. Brain can process there are two trees there. However tree that is closer to us would need to have darker highlights. This would make tree darker overall but would split them." My instructor say" this should be like dark-light-dark-light" to separate objects. Also I was told that value chart is wider in the foreground that in the background. For example if your value chart is 11 values in front, it will be 5 values at far distance. I am still checking it every time I remember when I look at the photo on the internet.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you @SunnyLady, that is very useful advice! I don't actually have a value chart on my easel, but I should probably use one. The reduction in value rande toward the background makes perfect sense, thank you! Have you written an article talking about using value charts?

Dracula honestly I don't think I am ready to write the article as I still s... at value chart. I have to completely redo my corrected Texas landscape to learn all my mistakes. The biggest correction is about i know theory to some extent but cannot apply it. With this crazy lockdown when police may stop if you are too far from the registration address I have to be creative and find something to paint my corrected work from scratch. I really forgot how to study...and need to take it easy on myself that I'll need to redo things from time to time. At the end of the day it is to my benefit.
What I often forget doing is to take picture in black in white to address my challenges with value or just simply to look through the screen of the phone when in B&W photo mode. I think I am just lazy and frustrated that it is difficult to study again.

Love it. Looks like one of those misty mornings where you think to yourself "I would love to paint that". Your paintings are always amazing Dracula so it feels odd little old me giving you advice especially since I have recently lost my mojo. And I'll never be technical about painting. I know it's a hazy scene so you could add foreground definition. I'm looking at that small foreground tree far right, this might be less hazy and more defined by applying sharper detail, I'd go for bigger leaves and more bark on the trunk (you are great at creating bark) to separate it from the from the rest. What I mean is, on a misty scene you'd still be able to clearly see the smallest dew drops on the grass right in front of you. Hope that makes sense.

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