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Forest Edge

Voy Kay 30 Mar 2020

Another Bob Ross painting today and this one was ordered and chosen by the missus. I really scratched my hair at first (for the very very few hairs I have left!) but the minute I started, I was inspired and flying! The preparation with black gesso is not difficult at all, one simply needs to keep in mind to use few at the top and a lot at the bottom. The combination of sap green and liqid clear was a bit of a struggle, where Bob urges us to use very few clear yet the sap green was simply eating it all up! In the end, I even ended up more with a little yellow kind of colour then a greenish one. Still, I thought it was suitable and went along.
In all the foliage was the most difficult since highlighting bushes isn't really my thing. I got all the mixes right though and the tree leaves were a success.
The family agrees that the giant tree is the absolute eye catcher in this painting, together with .... well, ... who has spotted Peapod already?! The tree was done with a knife and I think it was one of the simpliest I ever painted (Really inspired today!).
Canvas used was a high quality 12"x16" and this creation was done (gesso work not included) in less then two hours. Don't be mistaken, this painting looks tougher then it really is, but it is not so hard so please, have a try at this one!

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I was thinking about this painting today too!
Awesome tree with a small friend of his!

I'll give it a try for sure after your recommendation!

I was concerned it is a challenging project...but I trust you. I hope i can achieve such an excellent bark texture too.

Also to note Love conquers all! you proved it!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thanks dear friend for your wonderful cheers, always very welcomed!
if you like to try it, I can give a few other tips as well. For the giant tree, you can slide paint (like a mountain) on the thick part but use the birch tree technique for the smaller areas/branches. The blue on the left can be a thorn in the eye but when you very slightly blend it in with the brown/white colour, it isn't that strong anymore and gives a stunning result. Use a little black not only to accent a few branches but also to bring some shadow on the tree trunk. The path is easy IF you stay perfectly horizontal when sliding the paint downwards and let it blend overall with the grass or bushes.
Concerning the background trees, I can surely recomend 'LESS IS MORE'. The accent will be so muchbetter with limited trees and overall shy highlights.


Yes, i noticed that blue shadow that looks totally amazing! Thanks for the pro-tips! I was wondering how to do all the crooked brunches with the knife... Thanks a lot for sharing!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Well, admired or not, this one made the central wall in my scullery since a week.

Super! I don't have walls left in the house to hang my paintings... they are literally everywhere now. However with the quarantine I'll paint only 2 more paintings as I'll run out of the canvases after that. I think I'll be switching to the using acrylic paint to prime on the MDF as I am running out of everything may be i'll need to downsize my paintings to 15X20 cm as next step. Online shops do not have cheap canvas... I'll try water colors after I finish my last canvas, at least I have 10 years old water color paper not to stop creating:)

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunnylady, I received last week an online shipment of 15 canvasses so that I am sure of having sufficient stock for the next month and probably longer. My decision to paint several cardboards with guache two days ago was also a reason to save on oils and canvasses.
I know you're not happy with buying online, since you cannot feel/determine the quality of the canvas itself then, but maybe it might be a one time solution.
Anyway, whatever you will paint on whatever size or whatever kind of paint you will use …. your talent, transpiration and inspiration will always dazzle us for sure, no worries there.
Have a great week my friend!!

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