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Covered Bridge

Voy Kay 02 Jun 2020

Bridges have been popular lately in this community and following my 'Fantasy crossing' painting, I took this one on, AND added another small romantic encounter on it. Canvas used was a budget high quality 12"x16". This is not a difficult one although not that easy either. The early series are not that easy to follow I believe so therefor I avoid them nearly all the time. Hardest part were the bushes, the grass and the pathways, easiest the bridge, the fence and the trees.
The couple was kept minisized in order not to draw too much attention to it. The bridge looks huge compared to them but you have to realize that the bridge is 14 feet 8inches high and 47 feet long. What do you think?

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Yeah! This is what i was telling Tom too. It looks great! Couple will take attention as it is like frame inside the frame and overall color scheme is green versus red complimentary jacket of the lady. It is good they catch attention here. Complimentary colors always increase brightness of each other when put close together.
In this painting you have 1 point perspective and vanishing point is where the road ends at the horizon. Take a piece of paper and draw with pencil the same scene. Take entry points of the road into the bridge and extend them to vanishing point. Then play with the vanishing point and see how it changes interior of the bridge. You will notice very interesting behaviour.

I like there is sun-shadow-and sun again and couple just came out from the shadow into the sunny part.

Don't change anything. It is very nice painting of a cold weather. The purple sky looks like it is about to give the heaviest rain and maybe even hail.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Super comment from you Sunnylady!
The purple background was lighter by Bob yet I thought your way, since it is early autumn, and gave it a darker, more threathening look yet never overruling nor commanding over all the rest. The girl has her red raincoat on so indeed, they expect heavy/cold weather.

Concerning depth, the path and distant trees surely do their job. I could gave done better with the bridge yet….. I did follow Bob here so gave few dept into inner walls and ceiling. Somehow I hope that the POV, which is a little higher then ground level, will correct that depth view cause it looks very plausible that way.

And yessss, the best one was my happy accident, where I took too much sap green on the brush for the left side, only to discover it looked like shadows so I used it for the right side as well, and with success I might say!

Till next one my friend …. the couple has not ended their romantic strolls yet!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Well Tom, if all those bridges would bring us together .... then we cannot have enough of them! Smiling here now!

You share my vision on the early seasons from Bob, they are less easy, not also because of the colour schemes, but also with his way of tutoring (less smooth and relaxed), the poorer quality of video (those were the '80's!) but also the camera work. I think the crew needed more experience since it clearly shows Bob does things now and then where the viewer cannot see exactly what he is doing or what colour he is taking. This one was a tough one for me to follow, mostly because of that.

Concerning your (welcomed! never worries there!) critic, I looked again and yes, you are right. I could have narrowed that more and also would have created extra depth that way. Thank you freund Tom!

The couple were such a success on my painting 'Fantasy crossing' (also with a bridge) that I decided already then, that I should give them a second stage to appear on. In that sense, this episode was chosen by me and it will hopefully delight all viewers! And yes, I (and the community I am sure) would love to see your Lanzarote (I never been there, only Tenerife some 5 times) scene. Please go ahead and share that with us.
Soon, we will have extra room to share such things more easily as Felix is working on that (currently on holiday!).

Wishig you a great week, lots of inspiration, and transpiration ... in my 'Flemish-English'! :) :) :)

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Just noticed it, very well Tom, I placed a comment. You are VERY inspiring!!

This is my personal opinion, but it seems that Bob's early work, with a few exceptions, is not very good. Dear Voy I think you drew this work very well.
Well done!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you Jin, it could have worked out better, if I didn't follow Bob to the letter.
You are right and I have said that many times before, Bob's early series miss some panache and determination. He was still trying out things and at moments he felt very uncomfortable. Luckely he grew through the years and stayed on air long enough with his show to deliver us dozens of beauties and masterpieces.

I'm happy you appreciate this one, I will try the other covered bridges as well when possible. And who knows … a certain romantic couple might turn up again!

Oh - this is so pretty and romantic! I haven't had the nerve to do people yet. Thanks for mentioning that the early seasons are harder to follow than later ones. Although I've watched his series since I was a kid, I've only just braved picking up a brush for the first time. It's great to see how others interpret his paintings and technique - it's a great opportunity to learn from others.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Leaderbug, you came to the right place (community) to learn and share.
Bob realy became inspired and more at ease with his works from season 12 on. The earlier do have some great material but the better ones are in his latter seasons and with better, I also mean that he became a better tutor on screen.
Good luck with future endeavourments!!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you for appreciating this one Leaderbug. Silhouettes are nice to do and hopefully you will appreciate them in some of my other works where I use silhouettes (mostly animals) regularly.

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