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A Spectacular View

Jin7 15 Jun 2020

It's the most epic piece of Bob's work, and it's hard to do beautifully.
About this work, the book version is much better than the TV version.
I uploaded many paintings,so I decide next one is my final painting.



Gorgeous mountains!

Dear Sunnylady
Thank you for your comment.

Dear Tom0779
Thank you for your compliment.
Maybe I redo this episode with bigger size canvas.

Jin, final painting? Do you mean you stop painting at all or you plan to have a break during summer to teach your classes?

Dear Sunnylady
Yes, next is the last. I have posted a lot of works.
Similar to Bob Ross, works by the same person tend to be similar. That is the main reason .
I think it's boring for many people to see similar paintings.
So it's better not to upload my work anymore.
My specialty is Bob Ross's painting, but not any other painting expert.
So I think my role is over.

I see Jin, it is a pleasure to see your works, please stay in touch!

Jin for mature artists like you, when your style is defined and worked out very well, i think it is just natural to rebel time from time against all the "get used to" things and to paint abstract or something totally different. As a professional artist and teacher you can do Anything in the art world only imagination is a limit. Let your imagination flow and drive you to a further prosperous fruitful artistic journey! If you will be posting ever again, for sure I'll be happy to see your works.

Dear Sunnylady
Thank you very much for your plenty of comments.
And I uploaded new article and it will be useful for you.

dracula Power Painter

@Jin7 - this is a lovely painting; such a striking and majestic mountain. I am always very grateful to see your paintings; I learn a lot when closely observing your techniques. I totally understand what you are saying about how people may grow accustomed to a style after seeing a lot of one artist's work and I totally respect where you are coming from. I will say, for my part however, that I hope we'll get to see more of your work in the future; What you share is so valuable!

Dear dracula
Thank you very much for your comment .
I am really glad to see your comment.
But you are already a wonderful painter and you have more skills than me depending on what you draw.
On the contrary to me, you are very dexterous and have a very good aspect of being organized.
So I don't think it's a problem without seeing my work. Especially for you, there isn't much left that I can offer and find useful. There are many good painters in the world, and I think these are the ones you should learn.

Finally, I would like to introduce an acrylic painter who draws a picture that resembles the oil painter I admire most. I'm clumsy so I can't do that, but I think you can.
He is a Russian artist.

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