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Ocean Sunrise

Froggie 10 Apr 2019
Ocean Sunrise

This was my first oil painting. I'm hooked!


Beautiful, well done.

I appreciate that. Thank you.

Wow!! Thst is an amazing first try with oil! Very beautiful! Love the sunset colors.


I really do appreciate the positive feedback. They don't all go as smoothly as this one did. Luckily for me, I believe any day spent creating art is a good day. Happy painting! 🙂

This is so good! I wouldn't have guessed this is your first painting, the plants look great!


Thank you both. This one is still my favorite.

I like how well you did on the grass. Mine turned out a little different than I envisioned.

The birds also turned out great. I just did the M and V shapes.

I love the shading of your sky, as well as the overall composition. The grasses - which give off a realistic feeling - look like a frame inside the picture, and the birds are wonderfully done as well.
I'd love to spread a towel on your beach, sit down and watch the sunset.

-> In short, this is one of those pictures you see and instantly fall in love with. ^_^

My goodness!! Thank you all for the lovely comments. This is still my favorite. 😊

Wow you did a good job. I love this one too. I love it

Can´t stop looking at it, its SO good!

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