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Winter Frost

lightsnow 15 Apr 2019

This was my ninth painting attempt. It is very loosely based on Bob Ross's "Winter Frost." I made this one with leftover paint I had on my palette after painting my rendition of "Through the Window."

8x10 small canvas purchased at a local general store. I painted this little one for my wife so she can display it on her desk at work. The canvas itself was supposed to be "triple primed" but it drank color more greedily than a frat boy pounds back keystone light. Overall, it was very challenging trying to paint something this small using regular sized equipment, especially the palette knife.


And LOL at the frat boy comment. 😂

You have a great eye very impressive
Good job

I’ve got this painting on my list to try and I really enjoy your version...I’ve gone back and forth from original to yours and love the illusion how it seems to be Dusk or Dawn. Nice Magic..

lightsnow Community Helper

Thanks for the comment and for reminding me of this painting. I remember having to improvise a lot as this was done on quite a tiny canvas. I'm actually considering re-painting this one on a larger canvas, trying to reproduce it just by looking at this picture of my painting (the original is no longer in my house). I think it would be a nice final winter painting as spring is coming (hopefully soon!).

I love this painting- you are quite good for only your 9th painting! The colors make it!

I love this painting- you are quite good for only your 9th painting! The colors make it!

Can anyone help me with logging into this site? When I enter my name and password it says that name is already taken.... hello it’s me.....
Please if you can help contact
Yellowmanrap@ username PeAr’ce
Thanks if you can help...

lightsnow Community Helper

Hi PeAr'ce - if you have Facebook, look up and send a message with your login concern. I'll also send a message on your behalf in case you don't have Facebook.

Thanks, love the site just a little frustrating

Just WOW!
So beautiful

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