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Golden Glow of Morning

Voy Kay 31 Oct 2020

This was a dream to paint!!
Not sure what Bob had on his mind that day but he decided to paint freestyle with this and oh yeah, that was much to my liking!!
This was an obligated painting for me since I want to complete season 27 but I never regretted painting this. If I had known up front, I would've painted this on HQ 18"x24" instead of a budget 12"x16".
Size never mattered to me here where a lot of attention was made to the acryl design AND to form the background colours. Once that was behind ya, the fun started!

There is really nothing difficult here or it should be the acryl design and the pebble placement since the latter was easy to overdo. Those in the water needed underscoring, those in the grass not. If you pay attention to multiple colorhopping in the grass, next to its lay, you will have an amazing autumn result!

Please be brave and daring enough to try this, I can highly recommend this one and it is in my personal top 5 of all 70+ Bob Ross recreations I made so far.
Oh, and to tell the truth .... the picture isn't half as good as the painting itself! ❣

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I absolutely love this painting Boy, looks like my ideal hideaway from the world, the colours are so intense and really capture the season.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Really go for it Nivek! You won't regret it!
Pay attention to the acryl design, watch very carefully how Bob did it and it will pay off!


Now I need to learn how to edit comments...Autocorrect changed your name! No disrespect intended, sorry Voy.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hahahaha! You are not the first that had this typo!
Luckely ... I am a boy! 😂


I bet Mars looked like this when it had water! It's great Voy.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hahaha, you really painted a huge smile on my face TLP!

I would love to see you take this one on my friend. This is fun for hours!!

Well Voy, I'm not keen on underpainting but I will give it a go just for you. Vivid colours are right out of my comfort zone too, so it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Its true that the liquid clear here takes control over the colours but that's to the paintings' benefit.
You can make this as vivid as you like TLP, choose more darker and duller colours if you like. Most fun is in the freestyle Bob teaches!!

Good luck!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

And I feel honoured you dare to try this! 😊

Voy, this is fantastic painting! Background, depth, color choice, everything is gorgeous!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Sunnylady .... your comment makes my canvas shine like never before!

I would invite you to try this one and shake our community! 😍

Voy, thank you! I do not have guts to try it without gesso underpainting.

I enjoy watching at the colors and enjoy hazy mood in a distance. Something mesmerizing is in here. Absolutely awesome painting!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Go for it dear, simply some red acryl and some brown acryl. Bob uses two sorts of brown but if you thicken them, you get two colors of brown.

I really really want to be your muse with this one!!!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Voyyy..You scored with this one!Fantastic fall scape from the distant trees to the colors and rocks..I'm in my friend!I want to go for a hike in it.He He..May be a chilly fall dip..After a few tequillas..he He.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Pietro, I will always take a walk in that landscape with you AND share tequillas!
So happy with you comment! Till next one!!

This is a beauty, such fantastic color! You have convinced me that I must paint it soon.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

FVG, you will love that freestyling! DP pay attention to my remarks and comments for making the best out of this painting!

Good luck!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

FVG, you will love that freestyling! DO pay attention to my remarks and comments for making the best out of this painting!

Good luck!

Oh my gosh this painting is fantastic. I love it SO much. The colors look fantastic, and I really like how detailed everything looks. Wonderful job!

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