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Forest River

Voy Kay 07 Feb 2020

I chose this painting a week ago, carefully prepared a 12"x16" canvas with the three gessos, and awaited a nice day for painting. Well, the weather is perfect at the moment yet wife and daughter are suffering from a very nasty stomach flu today. So in between taking care of them, I tried to finish this painting with a satisfactionary result.
In the end, I might have succeeded both, although I had huge troubes whith the sunlight, the colour of water (also use a knife iso a liner!) and with the marbles/boulders. Easiest was the big tree, simply a joy to paint this. I decided not to add a fallen tree since my grass turned out so nice and I had too few space left for such a tree I believed. Hope you will enjoy this!

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dracula Power Painter

You achieved a nice sense of perspective and distance within an otherwise close and intimate composition. Well done!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you Dracula! I'm thinking of adding another, smaller tree on the left center to hide that unintentional square around the light. It will also even bring more depth. Till next one!

Voy did you first paint the canvas black and then add the trees? I'm thinking of painting this one but just have no idea how to prepare the canvas...
PS love your grassy areas ;)

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hi Umagaan, here is a reply for you and some help/info.

About 60-65% of the canvas is done in black gesso at first. You can add little hills near the edges by adding more gesso there (almost near the top). The place where your light will come MUST be reasonable kept big, right above center of the canvas. Then add the trees with the three gessos keeping in mind to place black gesso trees inside the spot of your light source and white gesso trees on the dark (hill) sides. The trees with grey gesso can be filled where possible but try to avoid placing them (or a lot of them) near the black ones, where the light source will come.
Don't make the gesso trees too thick in the center and paint them thicker near the edges, it will create much needed distance!

For better view of the outcome of this painting, check out the following article as well. You will be amazed!

Good luck and have fun!!

Thanks Voy 😁🤗

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