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Quiet Cove

Voy Kay 03 Nov 2020

I'm taking some weird decisions lately where I put gems on budget, too small, too low quality surfaces and creating dragons on expensive high quality canvasses.
Today I took again such unwise decision where I used a very cheap and small canvasboard 10"x12" to create, what me and the family believe, a VERY VERY nice little painting.

Hardest part here were brush choices since the canvas was too small. Easiest part .... I think my trees. I luv them al!! The colouring is also very special here (Thank you Bob!), specially when viewed from a distance.

Please enjoy, leave some comments, read some articles, love thy neighbour ..... euch .... stay safe in these darkened days and happy painting!!

PS: Today is the second day of a lockdown in my cesspool overrated fourth world country so I will have plenty of spare time the next four to six weeks!
Should I cry or laugh now?!?!

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Voy this is stunning! From a landscape perspective, I think it may be one of your best so far, small low-budget canvas be darned. Goes to show that the artist's talent can overcome such obstacles. The color in this one is fantastic. My next painting is going to be fall colors. We don't really get a whole lot of fall colors where I live, and I normally take a drive up to the mountains for a day to admire all the changing leaves, but I just haven't been able to make it this year. Your trees are all amazing. Love the soft reflection in the water. Great highlights on the little stones. As far as the lockdown: I'd say continue to paint, and reach out to this wonderful community here! Seems to be fantastic outlets for you. I look forward to the next one from you my friend.

Good luck with lockdown, we begin lockdown 2 on Thursday. All will carry on as normal for us, we have been shielding since March as my 90 year old mother lives with us. My husband will still be working from home & we having supermarket food deliveries, so no change for us.
When I first began painting seriously I used a lot of thin card reused from grocery packaging to paint on, I’d give it a few coats of white acrylic, or gesso an I found these an excellent source of cheap painting ‘canvas’. I find it very freeing tho know that if my painting doesn’t end up as I planned, I haven’t wasted anything!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear darling Heather, what wonderful warming comment you gave me here, bless you my friend!

Yes, this one was, what I call it, an obligated one since I was painted to complete the entire season. So I calculate and choose my available canvasses up front but here, yet again, I mistook what was considered a mediocre painting at first, for a true gem.
I wa in California and Nevada near X-mas 2012 and yes, no fall colours anywhere! Astonishing!

Looking very much forward to your fall painting and please , keep visiting and commenting, always a warm welcome to you!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Neime, thanks so much for commenting!
Yes, also I have thought about using other mateials to paint on. I have quite some cardboard that I can use yet fear that oils might penetrate that kind of board too much. What is your experience with such??
I have 25 canvasses (more or less) left yet most are HQ so don't like using those for lesser paintings or try outs.
Only today, I found out that my regular store for budget canvasses is closed till December due to Covid-19.

It's a crazy world at the moment! I might stick to drawing for a while!

Till next one!

Three thin coats of acrylic or two coats of gesso seal card, paper designed for acrylics or hardboard. Gesso is the best choice, I ordered some online & apply with a foam roller. Some makes are thicker than others so the texture can vary. Good luck!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Great, I will test one of my cardboards with gesso!
Thanks for the tip!!

Voy, this is fantastic painting! You did awesome job here. Trees are great and sky is amazing, very good blending. Foreground is nice and detailed.

No worries it is budget canvas and smaller size, the result is fantastic that made you happy!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Sunnylady, you know how to make my day! 😋😋

It is a fact that this painting made me happy because I never thought this would turn out to be a success.
I'm almost thinking about buying more cardboards since they are so much cheaper yet far more difficult to put on an easel!

Beautiful Voy, love your nicely blended sky, purple mountains and reflections. The canvas world we create becomes a nice escape from the bs. Sorry to hear of the further incarceration. Fingers crossed the madness doesn’t reappear in my area.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear FVG, my only masterpiece would be that all of you friends, and the world, would be spared from Chinese idiocracy and relatives.

Thank you so much for loving my painting!! Till next one!!

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