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Blue Winter

Sighants95 08 Nov 2020

I struggled today with this one. I think I need more than 3 colors to mask my lack of artistic training.



Don't be strict to yourself. This is painting is a huge learning as it is about value chart.
Some people are born with seeing and understanding it and some see but need to learn to understand it. Challenge yourself few more times: take a nice BR painting convert it to sepia or B&W and try to replicate what you see with 3 colors, I am sure you will want to add some shadows or intermediate tones and this is when you will train your brain to see value better. Using value chart in the painting brings the volume thus it is investment in your future paintings.

If you have chance take a pencil or charcoal to sketch and see the darkest darks and lightest lights in the scene just outside of your window and you will learn a lot and with that knowledge you will progress to the next step. Painting is about learning nature, no matter if it is portrait , still life or our favorite landscapes

Check this wonderful photo for inspiration and continuation of the learning, pumper yourself with beauty of the nature and learn and progress!

Happy painting!

Thank you. I have been enjoying learning how to paint. I have never taken an art class or used oils before. This is my 26th painting this year. I keep watching the videos and following along hoping that with repetition the lessons will sink in. I know that I have started to see the colors and the light play in nature more. But that seems second to learning how to control the brushes and the paints. Thanks for your comments and the goals to reach for.

You are already good with the brush! Don’t beat yourself about it.

They say that after 20-30 paintings one will become good at the subject and can start investigating more topics. You will get to where you want don’t even worry! You have persistence and passion and they will drive you there.

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