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Evening at the Falls

Voy Kay 22 Nov 2020

I had a recycled 12"x16" black canvas to spare so decided to paint this recreation this morning. In all, a 90 minutes endeavour for something that I was rather scared off at first yet what turned out to be not a difficult painting at all.
Hardest part here was trying to highlight the trees sufficiently and to control the space to be used for all items. I specially had troubles with the latter so there is no lake at the bottom. Pity!!
What really failed however where the tree highlights and the base colour application. Reason for that is the very dark colouring overall and the terrible light reflection in my office, where I painted this. Only afterwards did I spot all the very shaky evergreens, not my normal style I can assure.

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Felix Creator of

That looks like some very dry titanium white. What brand is it?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Winsor & Newton (200ml), like 96% of all my oils. These are very dry and hard oils at acceptabe prices. Also Vangogh oil paints have the same consistency.
Bob Ross brands are not bad but a little less hard. They are WAY more expensive though!!!!

Voy, I really like that large tree on the right. It looks really good! That final splash in the waterfall may well have gotten me wet!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

I don't know Heather, normally my evergreens are twice this good but with the poor lighting and the blackened atmosphere, I really went up into the mist with them and created poorly.

The fall ... I have never painted a beter fall! Has all to do with the knife technique iso fan brush!

I have poor lighting for painting in my kitchen also. It is something I struggle with a lot. I am constantly repositioning my canvas due to glare. Someday I will convert my storage room to a paint studio!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Love that idea ..... a paint studio .... !! ❤

Great job on the falls, that is some massive water!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Indeed FVG, I wanted less brushing water but ended up like the whole river was covered in ice!
The fall was done with a paletknife and I never would've thought I can get such result with that.
Also your version, with that moon, has an excellent waterfall! Daring does pay off!!

I checked the video to see how Bob created the fall as I was following along pretty close at that time. Definitely the knife which really does do a great job. I should paint this again now that I’ve learned to paint a decent looking Moon. 😅

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