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Mountain Ridge Lake

Voy Kay 26 Nov 2020

Final painting of season 23 which is now completed. This is not a hard season yet for sure not an easy one as well. So far, my favourite remains season 28.

Budget canvas 12"x16" was used and in total this one took some 80 minutes. Agreed, I was in a rush today!

Please enjoy!

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I love this, I really struggle with mountains and hills but these look so real, the tones of the grass capture the sunlight perfectly, reminds me of the North Yorkshire Moors!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you Nivek!

I still struggle with mountains as well but every now and then they work for me! I noticed that the bigger the mountains and/or the canvas, the easier it gets to paint them.

Now you got me interested here. I've done abot three quarters of England but never been to the Yorkshire Moors. The closest I got were leeds and Newcastle upon Tyne.
Pity that the UK will (partially) close for us (Belgians) soon. And that I don't dare to fly anymore (fysical issues).

Lovely VoyKay! This picture, one of my favourites, looks deceptively simple but can be a challenge , you have achieved perfect rocky ridges.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Neime,
Would you believe it was a bit of a happy coincidence? That those mountains came out so well? I really was in a hurry and thus splattered around a bit with the knife. Luckily .... what was left was a good mountain scenery! And the grass was very fogiven as well!
True, this is not too difficult but not an easy ride either!

Thanks for your cheers! I admire your work also very much. I comment less the past days since the tsunami of daily new paintings lately is overwhelming me a bit!
Till next one!

Nikev1971, you're not in Yorkshire are you? Apart from this last year I spent my entire life in Yorkshire, both East and North. The moors have a real beauty that changes with the seasons don't they, around Whitby (Dracula territory) and Robin Hoods Bay. An artists delight. I must paint something to remind me of my roots.

Blimey Voy, the lighting in the centre of the painting is so good. Subtle and natural.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you TLP!
I used a little trick for that central light. I did not cover the central part of the painting with blue, thus leaving a white cloud scenery behind and specially, it gave me a soft mix of the green directly on the liquid white. That gave a natural brighter look to that grass. Only thing you have to consider is that the left mountain must be a little darker then to make that effect stronger.

Hope you will try this one TLP!

Till next painting!

Those mountains are positively stunning Voy! Thanks also for sharing your trick about the lighting.

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