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Woodman's Retreat

Voy Kay 14 Dec 2020

Really wanted this painting to be a good one yet made a huge and unforgiveable mistake. I only used about half of the required liquid white and forget to spread it around evenly. That resulted in a horror scene with paint in sky and water.
Adding liquid white on the brush and mixing with the water helped a bit, sky and mountains were already done.
Ah well, there are worser things around then a partially failed recreation. In time, I might paint this one again. WITH caution this time!

Canvas used was a budget 16"x20". An extra path was created on the left since I did not wanted that side to drown in bushes.

BTW, the side stripes show a little bended because of the camera's POV. I can assure you they are dead straight!

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I really like the mountains. And it was a good idea to add the path. I think the more you paint the more you see things you can do differently than Bob and experiment a little.
What is the right amount of liquid white? 🤔

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you Umagaan, I felt very comfortable with this one indeed, since it is already my 106th Bob Ross recreation.

I added an amount of liquid white yet must've been distracted so I did not blend it out carefully enough and probably added too few as well. Another mistake I made was to take a budget canvas and I did not add an extra layer of white gesso on it. It is my experience that several of those budget ones have way too few white gesso on them!

The right way to do it is to add the liquid white and spread it out in an even proportion, just enough to let the other paint glide over it, and not enough to let the paint mingle too much with it.

A trick to check the amount of liquid white used would be to press your finger on it. If it shows white, you added too much. If it shows hardly any white, you used too few. If you can see a clear fingerprint, then you got the right amount!

Often, I hold the canvas against the light to check if I had forgotten some spaces on the canvas.

Wow, 106 paintings 😳
Thanks for the advice about liquid white! 😁

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