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Final Reflections

Voy Kay 03 Jan 2021

Final painting of the 'Steve Ross' challenge where he and Bob covered a Q&A session. In all, this session lasted 28 minutes of which 20 were used for actual painting.
So ... I never paused the whole episode and painted this along in 20 minutes with Bob, my fastest 'Bob Ross' so far! Formerly that was 35 minutes ('Mountain Beauty', S17E13).
But .... fair is fair ... Bob used an 18"x24" where I used a milk-carton cardboard of 7"x10". That explains the speed and also the very poor quality of the painting. No harm done, this wasn't a painting to show or to keep anyway.

Second record I broke would be the fact that I painted my fourth Bob Ross of the day. In all, 4 paintings in about 5 hours'time.
Is it worth doing this? Well yeah, I could continue to use my paint on the palette, less to clean and throw away thus. Another reason would be that the four I created today were not really wanted by me, only for the challenge so those are behind me now.

Up to the next!!

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Yeah! Another challenge is knocked out! You are very productive Voy! My hat is off before you!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Yes, an unbelieveable number of creations the past month.
Ah well, the creations are no real beauties and are of less importance but what matters is that I get more and more practice and experience. Mu ushes, foliage, banks and mountains have all improved little to a lot!
For that reason alone, it was worth waisting sweat and paint!

Till next one!

You are absolutely right! You are proving the rule “practice makes perfect “.

I’ve been very slowly working to paint Steve’s also. They are so similar it will take a while, however, I do pick up very useful tips from his teaching. Congrats on having that one in the rear view mirror!

Felix Creator of

Wow! You're really putting in the work!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Yes Sunnylady, and that proved again today where I have produced a'challenge' painting (Blue ridge falls) in some two hours, and turned out to be one of my best! It will be uploaded soon!
All was about perfect thanks to practice!!!

I will be looking forward to it!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

FVG, at first I did not like Steve's lessons at all, but the more I followed him, the more I learned since he can be VERY tutorial about very little details at times (and very specific). Bob does not always do that.
So in fact, those 13 episodes with Steve are responsible for my upgraded painting level!
I cannot have wished more for Christmas!!!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Felix, my wife has an 11 days holidays from work (last day tomorrow though) so my office was available (where I usually paint) and thus produced creations like hell!! 😆😋😊

This sounds absolutely fantastic Voy! New knowledge and skills are the best present!

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