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Peaks of Majesty

Daconway7 29 Jan 2021

I had so much fun painting this today, still working on my close up bushes... any tips?



Love that sky and mountains.

That sky and mountains! Majestic indeed! Personally I tend to edit and forgo bobs bushes because I never get the look that he does. When I do his technique I just get blobs. I assumed it was because I use acrylic instead of oil but it’s something a lot of people struggle with. I’ve used sponges to try to recreate his bushes since I can’t replicate what he does with a brush but can’t say I’ve ever happy with them. Hopefully someone with more skill will chime in.

I always appreciate the comments, I will keep practicing until I get the results. It has to come sooner than later right? LOL

Your mountains are beautiful

That's fantastic. The best advice I took from Bob when doing bushes is, after the dark base colour , pull your brush in one direction through the light colour, turn it so the rounded edge is upwards and use plenty of paint. Lightly touch the canvas and it'll take what it needs, use thinners if it's not sticking to thin your colour, paint from the distance forward and turn the brush to make shapes, finish by scratching some little dooers! Hope that helps 😇

@Nivek1971 appreciate the comments and tips. I’ll be back practicing as soon as I get my chores done. LOL

You are welcome, happy painting 🙏🖖

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

That sky is a true gem and I really adore those green grasshills on your mountains.

Mountain is majestic! I cannot really advice on bushes, they make me mad when I do tap-tap as Bob does. I just wish to be more successful with bushes. I know all the theory but when it comes to practice - hands do something else.

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