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Blue Moon

Umagaan 11 Apr 2021

Well this one certainly wasn't as easy as Bob said. I fiddled to death with the sky and the moon is not as bright as I would like. The sea... oh well. I had problems with the big wave. The foam on the beach looked weird so I painted it again closer to the big wave. Ended up with far too bright beach area so I added quite a few rocks to cover it up. I had fun painting rocks. Went rock crazy. The palm trees were fun to do as well, and the grassy area. I should have mixed the background phthalo green with the prussian blue, I think the contrast is too big and a more gradual change from blue to green would be better. All in all I think the painting looks quite nice. First moonlight scene, second black canvas I did.



The green glow of the water is so pretty!

Great seascape painting! I love this greenish water. That reminds me about bioluminescence in Pacific ocean. Water looks very nice and transparent near the shore!
Moon would look brighter if you added a slightest touch of yellow in that white. You can wait till it dries and add yellow+white on top of the dried moon. if anything goes wrong you can wipe it with paper towel and linseed oil to restore to initial condition.
By the way I do not know if you saw I responded to you in my article about moon painting.

Here is the link i used to describe the process from. Tatyana Zubova is a great instructor. I wish she could have more English speaking videos.

mikala979 thank you.

Sunnylady thank you for the advice. I might try to make the moon look brighter once the painting is dry. Thank you for the idea.
I saw your answer in your article. Thank you for that as well. I'm always happy to hear your input, you have so much knowledge and ideas. I really like these moonlight paintings, they have so much mystery in them. I'm already planning on painting another one. I'll check out Tatyana's videos, I think it's great to see different artists explain things.

So many plans, so little time 😉

Well...unfortunately in English version she does not explain and this is speed up video. But if you reread what’s in the article you will be able to see exactly those steps and whatever I missed to write about.

Ah sunnylady you beat me to it! It reminds me of glowing plankton. I haven’t seen it in years but it’s really a sight to behold. Every time a wave crashes it’s a beautiful light display.

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