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Desert Glow

DaveJ 17 Dec 2021

Mk2: I repeated this painting trying to increase the depth of the painting by adding extra rocky outcrops further back in the painting, trying to mist them into the distance and removing the dark violet colour and increasing the number of rises in the middle ground; hopefully without loosing the other good points in the painting. I’ll leave it to you to judge if I have achieved that extra depth. This painting is on an A3 sized canvas double coated with a light grey gesso as per my recent article.



If to compare both, there is much depth in this one. However watch those cacti in the mid ground. There is a pattern there. If not too late and it is still wet, smoosh some of them in the sand to break that pattern.

Human brain loves patterns and in painting this may happen unconsciously when brain says to hand to put identical objects with the same distance.
I noticed it happens quite a lot in BR technique due to tap-tap on the bushes and tree foliage .

Hi Sunnylady, thank you for those comments. When I was painting, I put the cacti in to put some vegetation into the mid-ground and as an attempt to have the height decreasing as moving further back. I didn't pick up the straight line until I was reviewing the photo to upload many hours after cleaning up and packing the brushes. I was too tired and it was late by then.

Very often that happens to me too, I notice things only when i take a photo. I changed my routine then, i take a photo, go grab a cup of tea, look at the photo, then 99% I come back to fix something and retake photo and pack. Then in 99% i notice something else bothering me, but do nothing about it :) My own worst critic lives in my brain :)

Thanks for that routine change tip - a good idea that I should do -- especially now that I'm getting a bit faster. Although Thursday I did both paintings in the 1 day, so it was evening meal time when I finished and then cleaned up after dinner.

PS: yes, I have 1 of those too!

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