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The Footbridge

Tom0779 22 Jan 2023

My latest Bob Ross recreation. I think Bob did only a few tutorials including a bridge. This is one of them.
My opinion about this episode:
Rather a straight forward one. Not much difficulties here. The sky is similar to Gray Mountain, also from series 24. But I think a nice sky with these muted colors. Normally I buy the midnight black oil paint from the Ross brand. But you can easily mix this on your own, it is nothing else than phtalo green mixed with alizarin crimson. But I am too lazy so I always buy this color.
However what I really wanted to say is that recently (I guess there was a change in the manufacturer of the Ross colors) the midnight black tends strongly to alizarin crimson. Sometimes this is really not bad but sometimes I want it really to look black. So maybe as an alternative I buy some other black.
Always very popular are the evergreens made with the fan brush. I think they are one of the most popular elements in Bobs tutorials beside mountains.
I am not sure if my bridge looks really stable, LOL.
Overall a rather easy painting which needs a lot of color. Important is that the bridge is really straight and not hanging to one side. I think a nice episode to practice.
This is oils on canvas panel 16 x 24 in (40 x 60 cm)



Very nice ! The sky is super ,Great work ๐Ÿ˜Žโ˜•๏ธ

Many thanks Dirk!

Gorgeous Tom! ๐Ÿ˜

I observed the same about the midnight black, it gives more of a purple-ish hue. We canโ€™t see they added more crimson to it than the original formula. I canโ€™t make green with it when mixing it with yellow. I have to use a โ€œrealโ€ black to have a the desire outcome.

that's really interesting I didn't know that about the Midnight Black, just noticed it was very purple. I remember back in college there was one of those old fuddy duddy art "rules" that you should never use black so maybe this color was inspired by that. But you know the first rule of art is that art rules are meant to be broken!

Thanks a lot Nancy!
I just think the manufacturer changed, maybe they added too much crimson to the phtalo green. The advantage of this black is, that it is actually not black and it is transparent. Sometimes this is really nice.

You are absolutely right regarding the art rules Jessie. I never follow them, actually I am a 100% amateur and have no art background so I do not even know the rules, lol. In the early series Bob is always mixing this black by himself during the show. Later on, when he introduced his own material the color went into production. As mentioned above sometimes this black is really nice. But in the future I might mix it myself.

This one is so beautiful! Very serene.

Thank you very much Sandy!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Really nice! Great tree work.

Thank you Pam!

Super job on this one Tom!

Hi Tom, I tend to agree it's a fairly simple painting but it's also very striking, the sky, although relatively easy, is very appealing when used as the backdrop of those super evergreens. The grass on the right looks very real in your painting with its highlights and lowlights, something that could look dull if not done well!
I've found that the smallest touches sometimes are the biggest improvement to any painting. Love your work as always ๐Ÿ‘

Thank you Brian!

Thank you Nivek. Indeed as the light comes from the left side I wanted to have a few highlights on the right grass area. I did them after 3 days drying time. Also a few other highlights just to define the light side better.

Nice work Tom, great detail on the pines!

Thank you Debbie. I added additional highlights after 3 days drying time to them.

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