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Tranquility Cove

Ninoum 28 Feb 2023

I painted this one on a 11” x 14” due to a tight schedule. This is my 94th painting since I started in September. The countdown to 100 has started! 😀

I added cattails on the bottom left next to the little red bush. I wanted something different. I made the grassy areas more rough and longer. Bob’s paintings look so well groomed at times. I wanted something a little more messy, more natural.



Good Morning my Friend ☕️What can I say, you have the talent to make the pictures your own. Vary, change, add and the basic thought remains. Class made. I'm counting the countdown 😎

Bob really did like the look of well-maintained grass. In the first couple of seasons he preferred the overgrown look, but eventually he settled into the shorter look. I think the way you went about the grass here is a nice in-between: not so short it looks artificial, and not so wild that it looks like somewhere you couldn't walk.

That change in the grass came out great. I also prefer the more rough looking one. sometimes I use the fanbrush (only in the foreground) to make it look even more rough.
A very nice painting overall.

Beautiful. <3
The grass looks great. Makes me want to walk there and take my shoes off to feel the grass and dip my toes in the water.

Thank you my German friend! Like Bob often says, it’s not about copying but teaching us a technique and tuning us loose. I always want to bring my own flavor. Actually, it’s the fun part!

I never observed Bob’s grass the way you describe it through out the 31 series. But now that I think of it, you are so right!!! 😀

Thank you very much Tom. I was actually thinking of you when I was making my grassy areas. I love the way you make yours. It looks more realistic.

Thank you Titia! It would be really have a nice little picnic by the lake/pond and like you said walk bare feet in that gras! It’d be such a great afternoon!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

So many beautiful colors all working together so wonderfully! As always your highlights are so crisp and clean. I also really love the bushy grass.

Thank you very much Pam! ☺️

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Such lovely colors in this one Nancy

Thank you Matt! Those colors work so well together. I really enjoy autumn scenes for that reason!

Beautiful job Nancy. Your attention to fine details shines through.

I am so glad you can appreciate them. I spend a lot of extra time working on those little details. Thank you Tony! ☺️

Absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so fantastic and work so well together! All your details are perfect and especially love the cattails! Such a beautiful place for a picnic lunch!

Thank you so much Sandy! A nice afternoon bare feet and a picnic would be absolutely wonderful!

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