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Ninoum 18 Feb 2023

I was expecting a nice reddish hue when I put my yellow to crate my flame but my crimson decided to be very shy today. I put lots of it too. Not sure why my yellow didn’t pickup much crimson. I am kinda bummed out. ☹️😔 Oh well!



Oh well, This is beautiful! Good job

Good Morning little painting Mashine .☕️First of all your painting is a bomb . Super Bushes,The mood is well captured, just good. I think colors have their own lives and secrets 😁if you remember „ To the Summit“you know what i mean . Strangely enough, "red sleep Mountain" now looks a little brighter after drying. But it is what it is . A Never ending experience. Youre a Great Artist and the painting is high Level ,Nancy

Coldethel, you made me smile! Thank you! ☀️

Dirk, your words really helping me see thing in a difference perspective. Thank you very much for picking me up. You are awesome my friend! 🤗

Its the joy of painting not the Frustration of painting. . You know what you can do, be proud and just let the colors do it. There is always a next time😎👍🏼Nice Weekend Nancy

This looks great Nancy! I like that your colors are more distinct than the original and the smoke buildup in the canopy looks cool!

Hmmm... Strange. I agree what Brian said, a bit more distinct than the original in TV isn't bad. But I am surprised that the crimson does not show through at all.
Else I think you did a good job. I especially like the big tree.

It might not be as reddish as you wanted, but I think the atmosphere in this one is great.

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Still very nice Nancy. And you can always do another version down the road

Thank you B! It make me feel better about the outcome of this one! 😊

Thank you so much Tom! This is a pure mystery why my crimson didn’t show at all! I did put a thin layer of liquid clear first (which Bob doesn’t do) before putting a lot of crimson. That’s the only thing I can think of that would be different.

Thank you very much TitiaD! 😊

Thanks Matt. I love the idea and will def will this one a redo down the road! 🙂

Thanks Matt. I love the idea and will def will this one a redo down the road! 🙂

love the misty distant trees!

Thank you Jessie! ☺️

This is beautiful. Your colors work well together. I especially love the way your foreground is muted yet the textures, shapes, and colors are still distinct. I love it.

I appreciate that Jay! Thank you. I had an adventure with the crimson. That color can be a hit or miss when applied on a black canvas. But I made it work.

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