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Winter Solitude

Ninoum 08 Mar 2023

Before you think about it… let me say it: “ it looks way busier than it should”!!! This was done on a 8”x10” canvas. The smallest I ever painted on. So I am not used to the proportions when it’s that small. I learned something today!! 😀



I think yours looks waaaay better. This one is on my list but Bob’s is so bare I keep putting it off. When I paint it I will use your as a guide!

I love it looks great!

I love the busy-ness of it. Real trees have lots of branches. Very realistic.

Loving it!
It's busy in a good way. It works. <3

I like this Nancy. Especially love your tree trunks and foliage. I see what you mean about busy. I think a perfect blend would be half way between your tree size and Bob's. That would show off the background hills just a bit more, adding to the depth.

Thank you Jessie! I also thought that No ‘s was too bare. Please use my painting as a guide. 😀

Thanks a bunch Sandy!

Thank you very much Tawny! You are right about trees branches.

Thank you Titia! 😀

Thanks Tony! I totally agree with you. A little more spaced out would have been perfect. But I can live with this painting just as. I’ll def do better next time!

You knock it out of the park with every painting Nancy ;)

I love the amount of branches, and the tree in the foreground is simply awesome. I think that it has the right amount of tree branches that obscure the background but don’t block it out and to my eye it adds depth. Idk what do I know?

Guten Morgen from Germany Nancy😎Yesterday it looked like this here too. Snow in March. 👀That's how fast the 100 goes by.. I love these small formats and it looks really good. Fine technique as always "extra klasse“👍🏼😎

Thank you so much B! 😀I guess the majority of you all like it with those tons branches. I was very worried it’d be too much. It seems to work here. Bob’s original painting is too bare to my taste. Tho I didn’t try to get this outcome… it’s a happy accident!

Thank you so much my awesome friend! I have to say I do not envie you at all to get snow. Specially now when spring is coming up. But that snowy scene is always beautiful! I know… that was a short lived 100th celebration! Lol! I discovered small sizes lately and you are right.. they are awesome! They are a space saver for my walls too! 😂 When are you “master chefing” (new word! Lol!) next?

Thanks again Tony! ☺️ But once again..: i agree 100% with what you wrote previously. That’s how I felt when I was done with it!

Hi Nancy, if you mean cooking, I'll be there on Saturday. Original Italian Bolognese with Pasta . Everything self-made . 😎

Looks like upstate NY winter to me. Very nice!

OMG, this is a nightmare episode for me. I hate liner brush work with oils. I don't know why and what I do wrong but I simply don't like it. Maybe I will never try this episode :)
You did very nice and made an excellent work overall.

Very nice representation of the strength of the trees.

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