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Pathway to Autumn

Ninoum 15 Mar 2023

I just got the book of series 15 so I picked this beautiful painting. Another autumn scene. Bob’s painting in the episode is “so so” to compare to the book. So I watch the video for reference but went with the book for the outcome I was looking for.

I am really getting the hang of the 1” & 2” brushes for make my foliage and bushes. Really happy about that!

Another joy to paint!



Good morning/ guten Morgen from NRW. I'll be brief, Nancy. That's great quality. Foliage and leaves are outstanding and I like the cabin .I have to see when I come to painting. 2 people with covid in the company and i have to test every day .So far but everything is fine and under control.That costs nerves and causes stress.☕️

Thank you so much my friend! Oh no!!! So sorry you are dealing with that crap. Here, covid is more or less degraded as a flu thing. It's not really a big deal anymore. People will do their quarantine for any type of bugs now, but no more fear porn about it. That narrative is dead. Plus living in FL, we were really blessed with the amazing governor we have. I had covid over a year ago and it was almost nothing. I had way worse in my life. Don't stress about this. It's not worth it. Do was your work requires and let it go.. Covid doesn't spread the way they told us it does. So you guys will more than likely not get it. Try to find some peace & quiet and paint to calm your nerves. Painting is one of the best therapy that there is! 😊

I haven't had covid yet but I know mild courses but also really difficult ones. The stress is that my company has to run. About a year ago we had the problem that I worked completely two weeks alone because everyone was infected. I don't need that again.😎

Praying for the best outcome my friend! Stay positive. The more the stress, the more we attract situations on the same vibrating level! 😉

Beautiful job!

Thank you Sandy! ☀️

love the bright yellow leaves on the foreground trees. I'm always afraid to put a highlight color on when I haven't done a dark base color first. I guess that will be my bravery test!

I had to put a bright color due to the background trees that already had some in them. So pure cad yellow was the answer. I hear you… I was kinda wondering if that would work or I would have to rework that with a dark background color 1st. It’s a nice bravery test indeed! Give it a shot Jessie! 😃

Very nice Nancy. Your paintings are getting better and better.

Awww! Thank you so much Tom! ☺️

Love it Nancy - your cabins are always impeccable.

Awww… Thank you Tony! ☺️

Another stunner. I'll be coming over there to stay in that cabin, my type of place, loads of wilderness, few people to ruin it! By the way, I love your Sky Nancy, how it disappears into the light behind the trees 😍

You always know how to make me smile Niv! The little cabin is available. I can make a reservation for you! 😅 I am getting the hang of my skies & clouds slowly but surely! Thank you for noticing my Sky Master! 😀

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