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Fisherman's Trail

Ninoum 18 May 2023

Fun & simple one to do! I tried to incorporate some knots in my wood. It looks better in person. Overall I am satisfied with the result.



Very pretty N! Great work on your knots too!

It looks even better in person?! Your wood grain is amazing! Also I always love your wilf looking grass. Really shows how much detail you put in

Awesome Nancy. Wood grain is really nice. Evergreens are OUTSTANDING and are the stars of the show to my eye.

Nancy that wood is amazing! The rest of the painting is great too!

A really great painting Nancy, very pleasing and attractive to the eye - well done. Cheers

Love the knots!

Thanks B. Glad you like the knots. 😊

Thank you so much Marc! The detailing is my fav part. Could it be yours too? That’s where I am having the most pleasure and fun.

Thanks you so much To y. I took my sweet time to make those evergreens this time. I want to get them right. I never was really satisfied before. So a little focus goes a long way!

Thank you my friend Tomi! 😊

Thank you Dave! ☀️

Glad you like the knots ICM! It was a trial. I didn’t know if they would come out ok.

Looks terrific

Awww! Thank you Cold! I appreciate! 😃

Love the knots and woodgrain and everything else is fantastic! Love all your details!

Hi Nancy, I didn't see it before and only just picked it up now. You have created a very clever 3-D illusion effect of making the components of the mid- to fore-ground actually stand out horizontally from the wood-grain background. Very unique. Congratulations.

Good Morning my Friend 🇩🇪That's great, I like it completely, super

@Nancy: Indefinitely enjoy the detailing part! But since that's usually at the end of my painting session I'm always a bit tired at this point already 😄 I'd say I enjoy painting the sticks and twigs most, to a point I think I regularly go a bit overboard with them hahaha. Gotta try those seperate blades of grass you do so well some time!

By the wa, how do you achieve that wild looking grass, like those patches right in the foreground?

Thank you Sandy! You always notice my details. I really appreciate that. 😀

Thank you so much Dave! I was quite surprised when I stand back and saw the outcome. It did come out better than I expected. I think doing different artists’ tutorials helped me out a lot to achieve a slight different composition and bring the whole thing more to life.

I get the fatigue part Marc. I usually take a break when I am done (or go to work) and then I plunge into the detailing part. I also love stick & twigs 😉.

As far as for the wild grass, I obviously use my liner brush & thin paint. I start where I want the grass to originate from and quickly , in a circular motion, move towards its ending. The circular motion can be very pronounced or not. Some of my grass is almost straight and I always make sure to have a little bit of a “cross cross” pattern where the “bunch” is at so it looks more natural (check the picture I added). It’s very simple. Give it a shot. It will be part of your fav details to add! 😀

Oh and I almost forgot… use at least 2 different tones, a lighter and a darker one. Hope this help. Let me know if you have any further questions. Always a pleasure to help out! 😀

Happy Friday my friend! 🇩🇪🎉 Thank you so much! This one is fun to do if you never tried it. The wood effect is stupid easy to do but sooooooo effective! Painting at all this weekend?

Weekend is always difficult for me to paint something. Saturday working day, Sunday matchday . 🏓nice Weekend, Beauty

Beautiful painting and awesome evergreens! I was looking at wood texture - you did it great! It looks like a nice hardwood.

love the wood knots!

Thanks a lot Nancy! I could figure so much about the blades but what I actually meant were the short but still wild and natural looking patches, lile riiiight in the very foreground next to the path!
I tried to achieve an effect like that once but all I got were some dirty dabs lol

Do you mean where the path starts at the bottom? If so, it a new technique I got from Kevin’s tutorial. I take a fan brush, bristle up & handle down, I slide the brush up on the canvas to get that wild short grass effect.

Thank you so much Sunnylady!!! 😃

Thank you Jessie! I wanted to have knots so I just tried. So simple. Just concentric circles with paint thinner on the fan brush.

Yup that's what I meant! Thanks a lot!

Always a pleasure to help Marc! 😀

Super pretty!

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