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Covered Bridge

dracula 31 Mar 2024

Lol, I am only just realizing, looking at the TV version and all the lovely community versions, that this structure is supposed to be a bridge over water. It wasn't as obvious in the book version (oh, except for the TITLE). I clearly did not realize this. Even worse, I was fairly critical, wondering why on earth someone would build a structure like in the middle of a walking trail. Goodness, I should pay better attention! :)



Excellent work, Drac

Haha great story with your great painting!

Great painting of your rain shelter pn the walking trail. Beautiful painting work. Cheers

Brilliant work as usual Dracula. Don't worry about it, a long time ago I asked the question why would someone build a structure over a bridge, it's not as if its somewhere you'd want to stop and eat or sandwiches is it. Or maybe it is lol.

Hello LandscapePainter, here in the US we have a lot of covered bridges in areas where we get deep snow meters at a time. The covers keep the bridges from becoming covered in snow. You can plow roads, but trying to plow a narrow bridge is difficult and dangerous.

Great job

Great job

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

I didn't think it was that clear either that it was going over water. Regardless you did a nice job

rtparsjr, yes that does make perfect sense now. I thought it was a folly. In England you can still find the occasional old folly built in the 17th-18th century that leaves many people wondering what their purpose was. These ornamental structures are in places you wouldn't expect to find them, such as a single castle turret in the grounds of a stately home. They have no real purpose at all except for decoration. I suspect owners of the land used them as a means to show off their wealth, that they could afford such extravagance. I imagine in some cases they might have used materials left over from the construction of their mansion.

LandscapePainter, sounds about right.

I did the exact same thing! it did not look like water to me just a covering over a path!

Stunning! I love all of your work!

Too funny on the story Drac. You did a niuce job on the painting regardless. Test your skill by modifying :)

Great job!

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