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Winter's Peace

lightsnow 23 Nov 2019

This is my 24th painting. Winter has already begun in Canada so I decided to paint a scene that would reflect that.

18x24 on a value canvas that I primed twice with Gesso. This was also the first time I made my own version of liquid white as I am officially out of the Ross brand tube I had been using since I began painting. At least it lasted me a good 23 or so paintings. I also recently realized I haven't been using enough liquid white. I took "a thin even coat" way too far. With more liquid white applied, I am achieving much nicer sky blending now.


dracula Power Painter

What a fantastic color sky! I like how you were able to transpose some of that color warmth down into the mid-ground snow. I think that really helps give the painting a sense of distance. Also, your liner brush work on the leafless tree is spot-on and gives a satisfying sense of detail. Good work!

MHK Helpful Friendly User

Hard to believe only your 24th painting. VERY nice work, care to share how you did the sky? Really nice job.

lightsnow Community Helper

@dracula - thank you so much for your kind words. I paint in a spare bedroom next to a window overlooking the back of my property. I live in the mountains and, since it is nearly winter and all of the trees are now leafless, I try to get a good look at the trees outside to get an idea of what they're supposed to look like!

@MHK - I made the sky the same way I usually do. I start with the horizon color and work my way up. I used indian yellow, cadmium orange, a tiny bit of yellow ochre, and then some bright red up top, with some phthalo blue to finish it off. I purposely added some of the red in the orange below. Then I blended it all with the two inch brush and added clouds.

lightsnow Community Helper

So since it had been weeks that I had painted this one, I wanted to bring it to my office to hang up. I put it in a garbage bag to protect it from the outside environment. When I was getting ready to leave, I noticed a bit of white-ish paint on the inside of the bag and thought, "oh crap, it's not dry." Some of the clouds were still wet, so I carefully took it out of the bag, but it was visible that some paint had come off the blended clouds. I took a soft brush and tried to fix it, and made it slightly worse. It's now hanging on a wall in my house to allow it ample time to dry. Here is a friendly warning - oil paints take forever to dry!

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