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The Footbridge

Voy Kay 20 Apr 2020

My 8th painting of season 24, which I'm trying to complete. A sea scenery was normally my goal today but both girls at home really wanted me to paint a bridge today .... what does one do in darkened corona-days?
Canvas used was a high quality 12"x16" and I must mention here, that I have a new supplier since 'Winsor & Newton' cannot deliver anymore to my online shops because of the lockdown. So now I use 'Green leafs' artist canvas. They are practically the same price as 'W&N', they share the same real solid frame but instead of two gesso layers, they use three. And that shows I believe, those are excellent canvasses and I think I will change definitely to that brand!
Easiest to do was the bridge (my first one!), never thought that could go so smooth. Hardest part .... as usual .... the foliage and also a bit the path which was too narrow and too odd coloured. Only one dead tree since I thought the painting was getting crowded already.
Some 130 minutes to paint this in a very relaxed way. Recommendable! Please enjoy, read and comment some articles from the community please and stay safe!

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MHK Helpful Friendly User

I find when you go with what the girls want-life gets easier ;-) Love that bridge, nice work

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hahaha, yes .... when they combine forces, my resistance is futile!!
I am very fond of the bridge either, maybe I am good at structured things with oils! I have this idea of doing this again one day but with two or three bridges!!
Till next one MHK!

Your tree in the middle is amazing. Bridge looks sturdy and will stand for ages.
Do you think this bridge is for people or for the cars?
It is good you decided to keep one tree only it improves situation with composition. See below.
My thought about composition in this episode: something is off and I did not realize it till i painted mine and 8 months after that. Probably i screwed it up because happy accidents multiply when beginner paints. I don't know what's wrong. But in my painting something is surely wrong. In my painting I see that bridge as train bridge. If I ever repaint mine I'll remove those trees and will move the path to the right to guide viewer to the bridge.
Do you think that Bob played with composition intentionally?
There are good examples posted without the tree I think I like it more without the tree as it takes all the attention from the bridge. What do you think?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Excellent comment Sunnylady!
This bridge is definitely for people only. Although strongly constructed (thick wood), it is right into nature's habitat so no cars should be fooling around there. The thick bridge was made of wood inside this park/reserve!

That one tree for me took away the attention of the smaller errors (evergreens a little shapy (again!)) and since I have this great script liner (Van Gogh nr. 0), I am never afraid of any branches anymore so love to draw branches now! It is true that too much tree takes away attention from the bridge, yet both are completing each other (same material!) so they can unite, no worries!

Bob did play with composition yet not always, that shows specially in his earlier work. Bob rehearsed all of his paintings, mostly in his head, really true! First he got the idea, then tried a draft of that (never for sale cause meant for practice only!) and if he was happy with it, he painted his first version (the Kowalski paintings). That painting was ALWAYS next to him (on the right side, together with his TV-monitor, so that he knew what to paint in his 30 minutes without hamperings. Those were named the 'TV paintings'. Finally he painted a third one and those were the most finished ones since these were created for the books. So he frequently had to wait for pictures to be taken and could think his work over and add more details. Those were called the 'Book paintings'.
If you watch a lot of his videos, you can see slight differences in the end shot (with the credits) and what he actually painted on tv in his 30 minutes. Sometimes I benifit from that cause some things were added or perfected more in that end shot. So following Bob does require you watch the end shot as well, it has some great additions every now and then.
Till next one!!

Thanks Voy. I did not know that the end shot painting is actually a book painting. I will pay attention next time.
I have to unpack my next liner brush as this one is giving up. I dont expect this will be deal breaker for me.

My hand/brain somehow cannot do the gentle branches like yours, I wish I could share the first tree painting I did in wine-painting class. That looked like cyclop but a funny one.

Actually I meant under playing with composition something that is opposite classical paintings rules to attract attention?

When I watch Bill Alexander I see that very often foreground is not there, which is very different from Bob.
Because I dont have formal training and as I heard that composition is subject that can be studied for a long time, very often i do not understand what bothers me and how to fix it.

This is one of the most impressive Bobloth works.
There was a show that a Japanese television station made to help to the viewer's request, and a lady in that show asked Bob Ross to learn painting directly, but as you know, Bob passed away, the TV show staff asked the voice actor who was dubbing about 300 episodes JOY OF PAINTING for the voice actor. Of course he is a completely amateur. Then the voice actor and the lady painted this episode together. The work of that lady was better than what the voice actor did. At final it was a laughing show.

Very beautiful color and the difficult part of bridge is well done.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Must've been a hilarious show Jin! :) :)

You know, that bridge was one of the easiest things in this painting! It would have been even more easier on a bigger canvas. I intend to do this again with different background and with two or three bridges. Thanks for commenting!!

That is a great idea . I 'm looking forward to seeing it!

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