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A Pretty Autumn Day

Voy Kay 29 Sep 2020

12th painting of season 24 and for this I used a recycled canvas 12"x16".
In all honesty, this painting looks so much better in real then in a picture! Hardest part was perhaps the foliage where four different brushes were used and the various colour hopping needed full attention. For the rest, this is a very nice painting to do!

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I love your mountains!! I think this looks very nice and thank you for the kind words left on my table piece. I really appreciate it!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Lil, so nice to read your comment!

At first, those mountains started up very shake and ugly, probably because I am dominant right handed and needed to use my knife backhand. Then I changed my working method and all of a sudden a mountain slid into its place! Guess I was fortunate today since normally, my mountains look rather poorly.
The most upset I am about the picture which does not bring justice to the real painting itself. Pity!

Good luck for your next paintings Lil, till soon!


Aww I see your struggles. I feel the pain in other ways as I am a left handed painter but can do certain things with my right. The knife work gets a bit wonky I find when doing so with my left hand. The happy thing is a mountain somehow forms..hahah aww Bob Ross sure knew how to teach the trick of the trade. I dont know how he remained so calm lol. I find myself struggling to not cuss at myself, personally.
Enjoy seeing and chatting about it though! Gonna dig for more work to post. I enjoy this site. It's very useful to me I'm finding!😊

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

OOPS!! And here we were all thinking you're name was Lil (or Lilian). Hahaha, thanks for the info, you have a gorgeous name!! 😊

In fact, Bob did get upset every now and then but only when he was rehearsing or trying out a new painting. Of course that was never filmed but it was documented. I can imagine that when his easel fell backwards (really happened on a few occassions) because of his hard banging on it, he must've cursed around for a few seconds!

I’m new at this only just started painting . The mountain is great it just looks like a photo. Hopefully I will get there one day . I started with spray at the start of lockdown black and white got pretty ok at it but then I started watching bob again and had to have a go loving it .all your pictures are great . I think the spray painting I did and oil combined has worked very well . I’m going to do another has now I’m a lot better at mountain s

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Steve, thank you for the comment.
I admire your work and specially, you can combine spray technique with oils, I would've never imagined that!
Practice will pay off for mountains and bushes, no worries!

Till next one!

Hi I put a half spray and half oil on.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges


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