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Back-Country Path

Voy Kay 05 Oct 2020

Fastest Bob Ross I ever painted with only 50 minutes and that had three reasons. One: I watched the entire episode the day before I painted it. Two: brushcleaning is not included else it's 20 minutes extra time (that's done in another room in my house). Three: the canvas was only a 10"x12".
Careful with applying the liquid clear and the gray since it will easily be waaaaay too much. Start with a small portion, you can always add more. Here you definitely need to wipe the canvas after application!
Easiest to do were the banks, the path, the moss/grass and the tree trunks. Hardest were bushes and foliage. In all, a real easy and fun painting!

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Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Right on the dot Tom, you got this right, this creation might be too simple to try and/or to love for most people. Yet as you can see, I had troubles with bushes and foliage, mostly because I worked with too big brushes (1" only!) on this small canvas.
Glad we shared this one brother Tom, till next dazzling creation!!

I missed both of your paintings guys. Voy, this is great painting. I like the path. It has a feel that it goes down ,we dont see it, but then at distance we see only tops of those distant trees in the mist. I like you were creating depth with grayish tones. Path looks very rocky and the boulder on the right of it is huge!
I have a feeling it is end of summer, sun is already down and this is those 30 min before it gets dark.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thanks Sunnylady, my family also believes the path and rocky banks are excellent, or should I say .... better then usual! :)
We're going towards autumn, yes, since some leaves turn yellow already and the sky is getting hazy, not by heath but by dew.
Unfortunately I have no room for this on to display or else it would have made a wall in my house.

Somehow on few paintings it is possible to click and zoom in details on some not. Do you think may be to have something like a garage exhibition and sale with members in your community? May be you can prepare some flyers and put in the mail boxes around community with date and time and also let people bring hot drinks with them and blankets and chairs. After COVID of course.

May be other artists in household will show their works too. :) just an idea.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunylady, on originals (no Bob Ross recreations) you can click and it will show in a separate window.
My trick is to save the image on my computer and then open it with any possible picture viewer where I can zoom all that I want.

I have the idea of a vernissage in my neighbourhood (AFTER Corona!!) and yes, I would display a lot of works for viewing and for selling.
Concerning the better artist in my house ..... she is VERY stubborn about not showing or selling any of her artwork!!

But ..... for Sunnylady .... she was prepared to show a few so whenever we are online again .... I could show you that!

It's been a while since your Bob's remake work.
Very good the perspective is well expressed.
In the near future I 'll try to do this episode for my class.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thanks Jin!
I can recommend this for a class since it is fairly easy to do. Applying liquid clear with black and white can be tricky since it will try to cover up the drawing in black gesso that needs to be done up front. I needed to wipe off the canvas several times.
Good luck and till next one!

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