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Cypress Creek

Voy Kay
18 Feb 2021

This creation had been very carefully prepared up front, weeks and weeks ago. This week I decided I should finish it and so I did, in 75 minutes but without any haste.

Canvas used was a budget 12"x16". Hardest part were the sky tone and the tree trunk highlights. Easiest were the tree foliage and the water.
Dummest was for sure the Spanish moss. Totally ruined most of the creation!

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This parasite ruins everything but it did not ruin your painting at all! it added the color variety and made nice accents!

Voy Kay
Conqueror of Challenges

Yes, Sunnylady, you told me this before. Still, I feel sad I followed Bob there.

Love the swampy feeling of the painting.
Long time no see Voy? I missed you ;) Hope you're all right.
Happy painting ;)

Voy Kay
Conqueror of Challenges

@Umagaan, yes, that swampy atmosphere really lured me into painting this creation in the first place. It does require quite some preparation upfront with black and grey gesso.

Luckily I had no micro sized beasts from China involved! Thanks for your concern!

Good to have you back Voy, was getting a little concerned. I like this a lot, I'm half expecting to see a diplodocus pop its head round the corner!

Voy Kay
Conqueror of Challenges

Your concern is appreciated Nivek, thank you so much!

Indeed, it has some Jurassic elements in there, the kind of scenery I would love to take on one of these months!

I really like the colours in this. Great depth. Those trees are great.

Voy Kay
Conqueror of Challenges

Great cheers LJM!
I did not follow Bob here since I had not enough room (smaller canvas) on the trunks to slide paint with a filbert, like he did. I used a knife instead to paint those highlights, much to my satisfaction!

very swampy looking! nicely done

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