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Double Oval Stream

Voy Kay 30 Oct 2020

I got my hands on two secondhand printed canvasses size 18"x24" for a few dollars. That measurement sounds familiar, right? A new canvascloth was added to it, some white gesso, an oval framed and I was ready to go for 'Double stream oval', a painting I already had my eyes on since last spring!

This is not an easy painting. It's not a challenge either yet it is not easy at all. My best suggestion to all would be to view this eposide up front before trying it.
The liquid grey was made with liquid white and some ivory black, that was one of the easy parts! As usual, I got troubles with my contact paper (over 25 years old!) since due to its size, it was too heavy and would not stick properly, not even with paper glue. So there are quite some bleeders all around but I will retouch this when all paint has dried, no worries.
Hardest part here was the foliage in the back. I did that with a 2" brush and that was not a clever idea where half an oval brush would've been beter for the highlights. The bushes up front and in the middle were done with a 1" and that worked a lot beter. Same brush for the birches foliage.
Somehow, I never got to make the cat tongue work properly for the stones, so they look somewhat avantgarde!
Best part I think are the birches (LOVE doing those!), the bushes in the center and the waterfalls on the right.

Please enjoy this one, read and comment on some articles and till next creation (Golden glow of morning)!

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Voy, this little island as foreground is fantastic!

I love the greenish gray water a lot! It is wet and it is flowing! Bushes on the island are just perfect! You did awesome job here.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

My sweet friend, your comments do warm my heart and soul!

I loved that water as well, that's why I saved most of it instead of covering it with bushes!
I was SO hampered by the loosened contact paper that I really rushed that foreground in, much to my luck!!

The island bushes .... to tell the truth ... they are about the best I've ever done!!!!!
SO HAPPY you like them!!!

This is wonderful Voy! Those island bushes are stunning!

Wonderful job! I’ll be honest, I basically avoid any painting of his that requires contact paper - I always end up with a mess. Yours looks amazing. I particularly like the foreground. The bushes and birch trees rightfully take center stage.

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