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Double Oval Stream

Jin7 30 May 2020

No one has tried because it requires a lot of preparation to draw this work.
If you want to try it, see the Double Oval Fantasy I uploaded earlier.
How to create two ovals there.



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Jin, can you mindread?????? I was preparing this one for next week (or the week after that!). I saw this episode two days ago on television and was really enchanted by it!

Hey, no worries my friend, at least I can now see another version then Bob's and learn from it!
The transition from one oval to the other is really quite busy and filled up. I was considering leaving more white space there in between.
How was the mixture of grey gesso (my main fear!) done? Did you mix it yourself with black and white gesso and if so, did you mix it 50-50? When I use grey gesso from a tube (Bob Ross brand), it really has a light colour.

It's another beauty from you my friend, well done!!!!

I like muted colors of the fall in this one, it is indeed a lot of prep work but result is amazing!

Dear Tom0779 Thank you for your comment.

Please be careful how you move the brush when applying the masking paper. If you do not use the brush from the outside to the inside, the paint will stick out if there is a gap. I would like to see your work, but it seems that it will be a little ahead.

Dear Voy
Thank you very much for your nice comment.
Of course I didn't know your schedule, but it was a coincidence.
But I definitely want to see your work.
Most of the works I have uploaded haven't been drawn recently.
There are many works that I have done many years ago and haven't uploaded at a time, but just put them out in small quantities. I don't think it's good for the viewer that the same person uploads a lot of works at the same time. From next month, I may be a little busy as the classrooms that I was taking a break from will be restarted.

Dear Sunnylady
Thank you very much.

Very nice painting... like the way you connected the two ovals. I do have a question. I may be doing something totally stupid but I can't get my contact paper to stick to the canvas. I've tried a couple different brands but none would stick and finally i just quit trying. So any tricks you can give this stupid person... lol

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Mobrad, there is an article written by me concerning contact paper. Please have a go and read it.
Best solution would be to use paper glue and stick the contact paper on. I use old, barely sticking contact paper, but paper glue does work for me.
Else, you need to but a (new) quality roll. Available on Amazon and in specialized stores.

Good luck!!

Voy Kay

Ty voy...I will try the glue and put up my results

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Haven't heard from JIn in so long! Hope he would've noticed my 'double stream oval'!

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