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Lost Lake

Voy Kay 30 Dec 2020

Fifth day in a week where I painted two bob Ross recreations each day. Trust me, that is exhausting and food for headaches!

Canvas used was a budget 10"x12". Easiest were the trees trunks and the path, hardest were the sky, the foliage, grass and the bushes since Bob used very little to none variety there. Never understood why!

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I like the contrast and energy in the bright green. Good one!

Love it!

Oooo the sky colors with the green. Also THOSE TREES! Amazing work!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you all for your kind cheers, much appreciated.

This is not amongst my better work, but perhaps I should stop painting two a day and focus on one good one only!

Voy, did you notice that second painting a day is better than the first? Did you feel more or less inspired to follow less BR on your second one? Or maybe the first? And last one did you feel less stressed on the second one?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunnylady,

There is not really a difference between first and second painting you know. I choose them carefully in function of reusing the colours on my palette from the previous painting. It does happen though that my first was so intense that I became far less motivated and fresh for the second. Sad but true. I had headaches at times!

On purpose, I use small to very small canvasses when painting two because that consumes less time and when doing two, it also means I have fewer interest in them (mostly they are challenge obligated). It does happen however that one does stand out or turn out to have become a favourite of mine. I take a note then in my personal database (I keep track/notes of EVERY creation in detail) and motivate to paint it again on a bigger canvas, somewhere in the future.

I don't consider having more stress, on second one or not, since I carefully calculate my available painting time that day and know beforehand what I am going to create. Most of the time, I have even seen the episode already up front to paint faster, more fluently and with fewer errors. I would encourage the latter to everyone since it does help in many ways!

Thank you Voy! This is very valuable info you shared! If you don’t mind I share my thoughts about those rare cases where I did two per day. I did not have any plan what the second one will be, just went with the flow. To me it seems that my second painting looks better, maybe because all rust went into the first and hand and head got oiled to be more free and confident on a second one. Still little details drive my stress level up no matter first or second painting. But I learnt how to accept whatever is going on the canvas, even when it does not look like BR. :)

I also felt more tired when I did two small paintings rather than one big a day.

I totally agree with your advice to watch episode once at least before starting. It helps me to adjust composition slightly.

Thank you for sharing I appreciate it! Everyone’s artistic process is so different as each of us here!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

You are very welcome Sunnylady, your value and advice is immense!

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