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Royal Majesty

ATHiker 11 Jan 2021

Tried Bob’s rocks under water technique from S25/E9 using black gesso. I somehow decided different waterfalls from the original.



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

A daring and very successful difference you made here. GREAT painting!!

dracula Power Painter

Fantastic. I love your interpretation of this. The distance and color choices add something to how well you capture the wild ruggedness of nature. The underwater rocks also help add to the realism. Really well done!

Wow! This is really incredible. Nice work. Wondering if you did the under-color of the mountain in the black gesso, too?

Wow. Amazing mountain. The depth in the painting is great. Love the underwater stones. And the waterfalls are beautiful. It all looks like remote, wild nature. 👍

Really enjoy this picture. Great depth and perspective. Thanks for sharing.


Incredibly beautiful painting! It is such a great idea to push things back and add this huge water in front. The stones in the water create details needed for the foreground and keep the painting whole! Awesome painting!

Felix Creator of

Wow! Absolutely fantastic. I love the lakes floor!

What is size and grain of the canvas? I see some rough texture in some places and others it disappears. Interesting effect!


I have a beginners question for you. Im guessing you used a filbert brush at times? Does your filbert brush have stuff bristles? I'd like to get one but I'm not sure what I'm shopping for.

In reply:
Thank you for the generous and motivating comments. Standard 11x14 canvas. I'm always experimenting with Bob's techniques so I outlined the mountain in black gesso (about 3/4" border) and finished blocking in with Bob's Mountain Mix (a color he developed; but never used on TV due to his untimely death). Gesso wouldn't allow for the defusing of the dark color at the base of the mountain - but, mountain mix would so I could get the "mist". As Bob would sometimes suggest: I added a little bit of red to the snow and a little phthalo green to the blue for the lake water. I used a small filbert with black gesso for the foreground rocks; small fan brush, blender brush, and palette knife. I only use Ross brand paint.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Mostly I am stunned that this was an 11x14 canvas!
Incredible creation on such small surface!! My applauds to you ATHiker!

Absolutely stunning mountain

Slap me in the face realistic! I really thought this was a photo at first glance. I am going to attempt this very soon. Your waterfalls, splash zone make me feel cold and wet because I can feel the mist off of them.

This is lovely from top to bottom. Mountains, trees, water and the great lake bed. Amazing!

ATHiker this is incredible and I can’t really add to everyone else’s comments. Simply awesome and looks like a photo.

Painting this one now, hope it looks half this good lol.

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