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After the Rain

Voy Kay 18 Jan 2021

I have 24 canvasses/paintings prepared and/or reserved the past week, so I will have my hands full till March or so! This recreation is just one of them.

Canvas used was a budget 12"x16". Except for the pathway and the puddles, nothing was really easy here. One needs to control the lighting at all times and there's a huge amount of trees and bushes needed!
Also .... for some reason and much to my surprise, my light source was completely eaten by the liquid clear and base paint. Although I did paint in FOUR portions of white!

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This is one of my bob ross favourites voy, and I agree the lighting is a tricky little devil and painting over a colour glaze is unpredictable. I was lucky with mine although my foreground areas are very much on the dark side since it dried. Blimey that's a lot of paintings, do you have an outlet for them? Mine are piled in a corner apart from just a couple.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear TLP, thanks for your comment, always a joy seeing you here!
I take pictures during the painting process as well and my first showed white, the second light grey and the last one .... yeah well, light olive green?!
So weird that happened, I really brushed white in no fewer then four times!

In fact, I have about 200 paintings now and about 40-45 of those are on display in the house. We have a big house and I will show some decorated walls soon!
The others, I put in a self made drying cabinet, where I can stock some 26-30 paintings to dry in for several weeks or months.
What is dry, and not suitable for display or recycling, gets documented and stacked into cardboard boxes and stored in my attic niches. I have about 40 of the 112 niches there available for stocking stuff.
Every now and then, I take some paintings that are considered low value or worthless and I recycle those. Thus keeping my stock AND budget under control!

Voy you inspired me to re-use canvas and I am so grateful to you for that!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

I'm so happy I can be the inspiration to your transpiration Sunnylady! 😁😄

Thank you! Wow 200! I've got about 20. I've decided to decorate my craft room with them, and the ones I'm unhappy with I'll think about recycling them. How about writing an article for us voy for the best way to do this? I've heard you're not supposed paint gesso over oil so I'd like to know how you get it to the stage where you can start re-painting.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Okay, will try to have a go at such article this week!

And my friend .... your work is beyond excellence at moments! It must be thrilling to see your creations in the house!!

You are too kind. It is thrilling to see them in friends houses. Being disabled holds me back quite a bit but I'm looking forward to painting one for my nephew soon.

Looks really great Voy! I agree with TLP, an article on recycled canvas would be very helpful. I have a few of my own that don't deserve to see the light of day, that I'd love to paint over.

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