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Indian Summer

Voy Kay 31 Mar 2021

Painted 'Indian dragon' two weeks ago, was unhappy with it and decided both central trees could use some serious pimping. After winning and considering some very useful advice from the community for saving this painting, I formulated a solution and executed it.

The solution was to alter the shape of both trees somewhat, a dark underpaint (Vdbrown, Ivory black, A. Crimson) was used for this. Then I aplied, with the same dirty underpaint one inch brush, some Cad yellow, with a very slight touch of ochre, and tapped it onto the new trees. I used a slight drop of paint thinner there as well to ease the process of applying the highlights.

The pimped painting was very well welcomed by the family and in fact, I like it as well. The end result is remarkable and as I had anticipated, the trees really stand out now against the background.
I finally feel happy and ready to call this creation 'Indian summer'.

I have pimped a painting before (read my article about it!) and truly believe it is worth trying it. The key to it is to find out how to make your unhappy creation better and then take the bravery test to improve it.

Hope you enjoy this new version, stay safe, happy painting and good luck everybody!

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Felix Creator of

Much much better! Great job!

Maybe you can upload the old version here too, so we can compare them more quickly?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thanks so much for your appreciation Felix!

I could upload that extra picture but .... we cannot upload extra pics with a Bob Ross recreation, that can only be done with an original creation!
Can you help us out?!

Felix Creator of

Oh right!
I'll see what I can do during my time off next week.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Okidoki Felix! Keep us posted!

I really like the pimped trees 👍 you obviously passed your bravery test 😉 great job and a beautiful painting.

Felix it would be very welcome if we could add additional painting to bob ross recreations, especially when there's gesso underpaint or if we change the painting later on.

What a nice trees Voy Kay. Also that old trunk is great.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Umagaan, always a delight t oread your cheers!
Yes, it took me several months to try this painting at first, so I really was motivated to take that bravery test and redo those darn trees. i had a lot of useful info and what I realy understood is that the background needed distinction from those trees. I solved that with choosing that bright light green colour!

Indeed, Felix gave us that option for the originals, and it would certainly be useful for Bob's recreations as well. When Felix has some time, he will fix it!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dona, I am more the pleased that you like this!!
A real challenge this one, .... well ... at least to me it was!

Wow, what a beautiful and lush forest. Great work!! Awesome use of dark space. Will defs check out your article

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

So happy you love this Maria, I bet you have plenty of such woods around you in Canada! In my country, we can only dream of such forest sceneries!

Hope you will check out that article (and others) and if you have questions or comments, I love to hear them!

That is a great improvement Voy! They are twin brothers! Nice control on the color, it looks like it always was there, nothing super bright, but bright enough to let them stand out and make a painting about them living in the forest. You passed all the bravery tests that were hidden in this painting with full success!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hehe, my darling friend, thanks for your cheers and your help while this was still a dragon!
I figured out it would be too bright with cad yellow and paint thinner, so added a tiny bit of yellow ochre as well which dulled it successfully!
And you are right, it took quite some guts to pimp this one, that's why I waited two weeks!

I think that yellows when mixed a bit with dark color of the tree base got muted a bit as well and let those yellows really fit well in there.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

I used a dirty brush Sunnylady so it has some effect. The base colour was applied VERY minor though, since I had only mixed a small amount. Also that helped the yellow/green highlights to stick better.
It's a technique I intend to use more often since it is easy to do, saves paint and has more guarantee to success.

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