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Tranquil Seas

Voy Kay 12 Jan 2020

27th painting Bob Ross style and the 15th consecutive day I painted at least one a day. Maybe I am too excited or should I name it ... hooked? Fact is that after several mishaps, I wanted to set something straight and, as my friend MHK told me yesterday, have fun while doing it regardless the result. My choice of today was a seaview which was destined to be a centerpiece in my living room (my family requested that two weeks ago!). I took a larger canvas then usual, a 20"x20" square museum thickness, so did not go for Bob's oval since it had to match a reserved space on the wall. That made dimensions and locations a bit tricky but I think I managed well to conquer that. Waves are never easy so this one was also a challenge. Yet I was totally at ease, taking my time, redoing things (just twice) when necessary and taking well thought of decisions. Amongst those are the separate rocks on the beach which I left out and I made the giant rock on the left bigger. Bob's water did not foam very much so I put some extra juice there (tapping Titanium white with a wave brush). Easiest was the background sky blending, much tougher were the clouds and of course the waves. Maybe the tree should have been a little bigger?
I can recommend this to everyone since it is a great painting to do and for me, most importantly, I had great fun and satisfaction doing it. Thanks MHK, Dracula, Sunnylady, Patoex and so many more wonderful people that inspire and motivate me!!

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I find square canvases so difficult to manage as composition requires thorough readjustment for them and you did great!

I was wondering how you are so productive, now I see, you are totally hooked up ;) as many of us here.

Today I finished painting by number with my mom and total time spent for that one was around 16 hours for both of us combined. That was such a different experience from creation of painting from scratch.

But no matter what it is one's path in the art it is wonderful feeling to forget about yourself and create!

Voy, I am so happy to hear you had fun with this one! It turned to be very good! One more step further in the path of oil painting!

I was fixing my latest seascape today as well and something is still off there so I had to google for the photos of the waves and figured that there are way more splashes and mist. Then I found your article, so great it happened right when I was researching about waves and I totally agree with what you wrote! More splashes! More droplets! More energy!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hehe, so glad my article could help you! Thanks again for visiting and cheering, always warms my heart. As for square canvasses, it DOES NEED some thinking in advance where to place items and so but once you have a plan in mind, all is good. I needed this one to be a square one and large enough since it needed to fit the living room. Wife and daughter are VERY crazy about it.
As for being productive …. well, I am retired from my worldwide freelance job (12 years) as a hotel and airplane inspector yet still young enough to stil look around for another job. Unfortunately my age (50+) is not suitable enough in Belgium so here I am, just filling my days. Soon, the growing and planting season begins again and then I will spent most time in greenhouse and vegetable gardens at home. But for the time being, just having the time of my life with Bob Ross and all of you wonderful people! Till soon!!!

Looking forward more of your paintings! When vegetable season starts you may want to switch to still lives. :) and combine both hobbies!

Very beautiful voy, Great wave and sky!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Great appreciation from you Patoex, will you also try a sea wave soon? I can recommend it, they make great paintings!

What a fantastic breaking wave!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thanks Ksulli, it always terrifies me to start such painting with a wave but so relieved when it turns out great!

I love, love, love this one! The sky is beautiful and your water/ wave is perfection. Personally, I struggle with waves.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you Tynna! All my sea sceneries are on display at my home, that will be six already. Family asked for more and I have room still for five, so more to come yet not in a 20"x20" size anymore.
The sea paintings are indeed not easy and I would recommend to take them on once you feel comfortable with oil painting. They are very rewarding to say the least!
Creating waves is a matter of keeping control at all times. First your undertone (colours) need to be well distributed since they will be brought up while painting. Then the placement and the shape of the wave needs good attention. Last will be to use your fan brush, filbert and script liner in a gentle and controlled (delicate) manner. That way you will have full control over what will be showing in/on the waves or the sea in general. Following Bob is really essential here. Good luck!

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